Bulk Express Intermodal

Reliable, truck-like service to keep your bulk freight moving safely.

image of bulk intermodal freight shipping

Why consider Schneider Bulk Express Intermodal for your transportation needs?

Demand for bulk capacity is growing. Now is a great time to consider a combination of truck and rail to move your bulk freight.

Benefits of Bulk Express Intermodal with Schneider include:

  • Intermodal transit is 3x faster than rail car alone.
  • Schneider’s industry-leading training gives you safe, worry-free transport.
  • Less road time means fewer setbacks.
  • Intermodal transport saves fuel which gives you a better rate per mile/per pound.
  • No ramp-to-ramp stops like regular rail freight.
  • Schneider-owned equipment gives you peace of mind.
  • 40-foot containers fit under standard loading racks and on over-the-road trailers.

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Bulk Express Intermodal video testimonial — SNF Holdings