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2020 Carrier of the year awards

As a transportation leader, Schneider understands the dedication and hard work carriers put in day in and day out. Thank you for all you do. You keep our economy moving. 

Annually, Schneider acknowledges and awards four carriers as our annual Top Carriers. It gives us great pleasure to showcase these four carriers as Schneider's 2020 Carriers of the Year:

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Tylka Transport Inc.

Landstar Inway and Gwynn Logistics

Chicago Carrier of the Year

“We have worked with Landstar Inway Independent Agent, Gwynn Logistics, for over five years where their team has brought us a level of service and capacity that has solidified a strong relationship. There are many reasons we appreciate Landstar Inway and Gwynn Logistics over the years. One reason is they have one of the best tracking teams we have experienced, always providing quick updates and over-communicating in areas of need. The booking team is awesome to work with, and they are dedicated to providing the best service to Schneider. We work together with a mutual goal to push as many loads as possible to Landstar’s owner-operator network while giving our customers a strong service experience. Not only has Landstar Inway been a top carrier for Schneider, but Schneider is a top customer for Gwynn Logistics. Winning relationships that will last many years to come. Thank you Landstar Inway and Gwynn Logistics!”

Pat H., Chicago Sr. Carrier Sales Executive


A.D. Transport Express, Inc.

Dallas Carrier of the Year

“AD Transport has been one of my closest relationship carriers for almost 12 years. When I started out in the Midwest market in my earlier days AD was one of the first carriers I was able to begin a solid relationship with, because of the size of their fleet, solid backhauls and of course great communication. What really drew me to strengthen the relationship with AD was the fact that they were based in Canton, MI where I was born and raised. I was determined to own the relationship and bond with them over my hometown ties. Over the past few years AD has consistently been one our higher volume carriers while providing us excellent service. They are easy to work with because they are fully automated and always communicate if there are any issues. Their team of planners and DBL’s work great together to keep drivers fully updated and informed of their assignments which gives me a lot more free time to help find them more freight. Not only do I enjoy working with AD, I’ve also developed great friendships with a lot of the people that work there, and we mutually work to make sure our partnership works best for Schneider and AD as a whole. I’m looking forward to my next trip back home to visit their office.” 

Shawn K., Dallas Sr. Carrier Sales Executive


U.S. Xpress, Inc.

Green Bay Carrier of the Year

“I have worked with U.S. Xpress as one of my primary carriers for over 15 years. They are strong proactive communicators and they care about the success of Schneider as much as the success of their own organization. It really feels like a true partnership. As a large carrier they know the importance of providing us with key contacts throughout their organization so that we are better equipped to quickly get me to the right point of contact. We can then build personal relationships together in order to more effectively meet the needs of their customers. Lastly, the feelings of respect are mutual. If you look at the US Xpress Website one of their top core values aligns with a key Schneider Value: The People. Much like Schneider, US Xpress believes in the power of Teamwork to get things done and working WITH them as a part of a team has resulted in the successes we celebrate today.” 

Carey B., Green Bay Sr. Carrier Sales Executive


Tylka Transport

Green Bay Power-Only Carrier of the Year

Bart Tylka started working with Schneider 8 years ago with 2 trucks. Bart’s company, Tylka Transport, has grown exponentially since then and has become a premier partner carrier with Schneider. They’ve done promotional work, project freight and surge freight for Schneider; provide strong service and a great experience along the way. Bart and his team were heavily involved in the development of our new FreightPower app and is leading the pack in usage/integration. We are proud and congratulate Tylka Transport and are thankful for their many contributions to our program. 

Scott V.Z., Green Bay Sr. Carrier Sales Executive


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