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Effectively immediately, Schneider ceased operations of the First to Final Mile (“FTFM”) service offering within our Truckload segment and has begun a structured shutdown of the FTFM business. While significant investments were made in the operation of the FTFM business over the past three years, the operating results for this business have been significantly below expectations. See Earnings Release for additional information.

We value our relationship with you and will work with you to exit our First to Final Mile business as expeditiously as practical. Please be advised of the following:

  • Schneider intends to stop booking additional First to Final Mile orders immediately.
  • Schneider will deliver all First to Final Mile orders currently on the books as expeditiously as practical.
  • For shippers storing product at a First to Final Mile location, you will be contacted to make arrangements to move that product to an alternate location as expeditiously as practical.
  • Important Contact Information:
  • If you need assistance moving LTL shipments, please contact our Schneider’s Transportation Management 3rd Party Logistics team at 877-746-7585.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause your business. Please refer to track your shipments in progress.

Our Truckload, Intermodal and Logistics operating segments will continue to serve you through the broadest portfolio in the industry.

Thank you for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Schneider continue to take tenders while we find a new carrier?
A. No, we will not. As stated in our public message, we filed to cease operations. This means we can only execute on tenders in our possession and cannot take any future tenders.

Q. What happens to the freight Schneider has in its possession right now?
A. As stated in our announcement, we are seeking to deliver all freight in our possession in a timely manner.

Q. What happens if I have a claim or return?
A. Claims will be filed as normal. To learn more about the process and download the Cargo Claims form, click here. Returns not in Schneider's possession will need to seek other methods of retrieving. You can contact us at

Q. How will my invoicing issues be handled?
A. The best way to contact us regarding invoicing issue is to email us at You can also call an agent. Wait time on the phone may be longer than typical.

Q. What happens to my current pick up schedule?
A. All pickups have ceased effective immediately. We will not be completing anymore pick-ups. Drop equipment must be free of merchandise as we cannot accept any future orders. We will need all trailers clear and free for pick-up within 72 hours.

Q. What happens to lost freight?
A. Claims will be filed as normal. You can contact us at

Q. Who do I contact for dispositions?
A. Please contact

Q. How do I just come get my freight?
A. We will deliver all freight in our possession as contracted. However, if a customer would like to get their freight immediately, they can work with the terminal.