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Take back your workday with Schneider Dedicated Fleet Services.

Let's be honest: running a successful business isn't exactly easy. When you continuously have to manage issues associated with your private fleet on top of the ones inherent in your industry, you're losing ground– fast. Increasing regulations, rising equipment costs and stricter qualification standards not only impact your business, but the way you spend your workday.

With experience serving a broad range of industries, you can count on us to help you mitigate the risk and liability of operating a private fleet, while reducing costs by 10%–15%. You’ll have a world-class fleet at your fingertips, without the capital costs and management responsibilities. With the time you regain and the capital you preserve, you can focus on what you do best: running your business.


The transportation of agricultural products and equipment is time-sensitive and requires specialized equipment. Schneider's Dedicated team has the experience and equipment you need to keep your supply chain moving– from hoppers to flatbeds to one of the largest temperature-controlled equipment fleets in the industry.

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Construction demand is increasing, and time is money in ensuring that the right personnel and equipment are on-site when needed. Schneider's Dedicated fleet specializes in surge capacity for those seasonal and startup demands, multi stop delivery routing and driver assistance with unloading to keep your project moving.

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The transportation of food product for restaurants, grocery stores or businesses relies on the highest standards of on-time delivery and food safety. Schneider's Dedicated team has deep experience in providing effective solutions with multi stop deliveries and dedicated drivers who know your network, product and route. We also have one of the largest temperature-controlled fleets in the industry. Your cargo is good to go in a white reefer or a logoed trailer, whichever you prefer.

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In order to meet customer demand, it's important to keep your manufacturing supply chain moving. Schneider's Dedicated fleets specialize in surge capacity and multi-stop delivery routing to meet your project needs. We also have a variety of equipment to transport your product, no matter the size.

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Security and visibility are extremely important for the high-value freight often transported in the medical supply industry. Schneider's Dedicated fleet is experienced in providing high-security solutions backed by specialized driver and monitoring teams to track, monitor and provide visibility of your freight.

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Retail is a demanding business that never stops and requires a flawless supply chain to keep product on the shelves and sales moving up. Schneider's Dedicated team has extensive knowledge in optimizing the retail supply chain and providing impactful results with surge capacity, multi stop delivery routing, driver assistance with unloading and more.

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