Schneider Relieves Cross-Border Headaches for P&G


Procter & Gamble (P&G) has built one of the world’s largest and strongest portfolios of trusted brands, including Pampers, Ariel, Always, Pantene, Zest, Gillette, Charmin, Downy, Iams, Crest, and Olay. The company has more than 135,000 employees in 80 countries, delivering products and services to consumers across the globe.

Schneider has been moving P&G freight for nearly 75 years. Since the beginning, our relationship has been based on Schneider’s ability to deliver superior service and innovative ideas to optimize the P&G supply chains.


Since P&G began operations in Mexico, Schneider has been helping this company move freight across the border. We have provided a portfolio of transportation services for their imports and exports, eliminating the inconvenience of coordinating multiple Mexican carriers and driving efficiency with competitive cost structures.

Schneider Solution

Schneider coordinates the Mexican portion of all the cross border freight moved by P&G. This way, we have associates in constant contact with multiple Mexican carriers, monitoring and making sure the carriers comply with the customer’s expectations. P&G has high operational standards in all their plants, business lines and products. Schneider meets those expectations by generating efficiency throughout their network.


At the end of the day, Schneider has given P&G a much more simplified way to control their shipments, achieve cost reductions and increase efficiencies.

For P&G, Schneider delivers the following:

  • One single invoice for the U.S. and Mexican portion which simplifies administrative work.
  • A single point of contact driving efficiency and fast answers.
  • One single party manages the transportation, making it easier for P&G to address issues and get quick solutions for any situation related to the U.S. or Mexican leg of the trip.
  • Reduction of time and cost associated with finding capacity in imbalanced markets and operations.
  • By having the right coordination with the Mexican Carrier P&G was able to reduce transit times, lower inventory costs and meet delivery expectations.

Published January 2019

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