A Collaborative, Multi-Line Business Approach Yields a Successful and Innovative Solution for Last-Minute Shipments

Background: Last-Minute Transloading and Expedited Truckload Need

Schneider has serviced an American home furnishings company for over seven years with its Port Logistics and Truckload services. When the retailer decided to increase the amount of available product to customers, it ordered additional container shipments — comprised of 81 ocean containers total — into port. With only three weeks remaining before the end of the quarter, the retailer required a fast, innovative solution to move product and maximize sales.

Situation: Delivering Extra Product on a Short Timeframe

81 ocean container is 81 outbound trailer loads The company received its shipments of containers at the Norfolk, Va., port and needed to get them to their two California distribution centers. In order to make customer sale deadlines before the end of the quarter, the freight had just three weeks to be moved across the country, which included getting off the ship and processed through the port. Additionally, the shipper wanted the trailers loaded in a one-to-one way, with the 81 ocean containers equaling 81 outbound trailer loads, to ensure a continuous and streamlined process based on the quick turnaround.

Schneider’s Port Drayage division knows the shippers’ business well, which allowed them to work together and develop a solution to this time-sensitive need.

Schneider's Solution: Coordinating Multiple Services for Efficient Implementation

In order to get the freight to California in time, the retailer looked to Schneider to coordinate and implement a timely and efficient solution. Schneider facilitated a call that included the customer and all of Schneider’s involved teams to understand the situation and finer details of the freight move and then plan how it was going to be executed.

Schneider then managed the inbound containers at the dock, centralized customer service teams and coordinated the outgoing expedited teams. With the initial pre-work planned, Schneider processed the containers at the Norfolk port, unloaded them, transloaded them onto the assigned expedited team drivers’ trailers and had freight moving westward.

In less than 24 hours, Schneider went from project coordination to full implementation. Teams worked continuously for three weeks, often working weekends, to meet the time deadline.

Results: Increases Sales, Consistent Work and an Innovative New Offering

99 on time delivery saved 14 days With three weeks to ensure that the shipments reached the final destination, Schneider accomplished the following:

  • Transloaded 81 ocean containers
  • Moved 81 trailers from the East Coast port to the West Coast distribution centers
  • Achieved 99.9 percent on-time delivery
  • Saved the retailer 14 days of transit through the use of transloading and continuous expedited team services
  • Consistently showed exceptional communication
  • Ensured that inventory was available to meet customer demands 

Throughout the entire time-sensitive requirements, Schneider constantly monitored and altered its scheduling in order to process the freight in the shortest, yet safest, amount of time.

The customer’s positive experience with the innovative solution resulted in a permanent lane for Schneider, with the carrier transloading and moving between 12 to 14 containers per month. Because of the success in coordinating the use of multiple lines of business, customers can now benefit from this multi-faceted capability.

Published May 2016