Cross-border: Mexico

Mode diversification is important in balancing cost, capacity and service in this market of constrained capacity.

Cross-border then vs. now

Laredo, TX is among the top locations with increasing outbound tender volume increases, according to FreightWaves Sonar reporting. Compared to volume levels during this time the past two years, current volumes are 152.4% higher than 2019 and 185.3% higher than 2018.

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Long-term capacity made easy

In this challenging market, it’s important to balance cost, capacity and service. You can do this through mode diversification to achieve long-term capacity at fair, market-driven costs. Working with a multimodal cross-border carrier like Schneider can help you develop the best strategy to obtain your goals.

Mexico cross-border mode diversification options for market capacity constraints

In the U.S. for over 85 years and Mexico for 27 years, Schneider is here for the long-haul. Click the link below to start the process to expand your U.S. and Mexico cross-border capacity options.

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