Intermodal freight shipping:
Efficient, truck-like service: your bottom line will thank you

Schneider’s Intermodal Transportation Advantage

Schneider Intermodal provides efficient, truck-like reliability that’s built around your business, giving you more options and control. As an asset-based provider, we hire and train drivers to deliver your freight reliably and securely. We also own and provide the properly configured equipment your freight needs, including trucks, chassis and containers.

From transcontinental to express services, in tough markets like the East Coast and border crossing throughout North America, Schneider does it all.

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Amid mounting disruptions to the transportation industry, now is the time for shippers to both diversify shipping strategies and lock in relationships with strategic intermodal carriers.

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Better relationships, better service.

Our rail relationships provide truck-like service with premium support and complete visibility. As the primary carrier of CSX, your freight earns secure, preferential treatment on the highest-performing railroads in the fastest-growing regions.

We also co-locate offices with our providers so we can follow up on special instructions and iron out any challenges face-to-face. Your freight deserves nothing less.

Schneider gives you one same-size, trackable container and chassis for cargo security and reliable door-to-door service throughout North America.

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Transcontinental Intermodal Shipping

Coast to coast = covered.

When your freight needs to hitch a long ride on the rail, trust Schneider to get the job done right. Our Transcontinental Intermodal service delivers unbeatable capacity and security, mile after mile. The strong relationships Schneider has with BNSF and CSX give you access to priority placement, so you’ll never have to worry that your load might be left waiting on the ramp. With our expansive network of drivers across the country, your cargo will get the care and attention it deserves at every step of its journey – no matter where it is or where it needs to go.

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Eastern Core Intermodal Transportation

Tough markets, delivered.

Put the Eastern Core power lanes at your disposal with bottom line friendly pricing and delivery times. We open access to challenging and hard-to-serve markets like the Northeast and Florida for up to a third less the cost of over-the-road delivery, without sacrificing service.

Your freight earns priority placement with CSX for quick moves on and off the train. Satellite tracking provides total visibility and real-time monitoring. The latest security measures keep your loads safe and secure.

Bottom line: you get reliable, door-to-door, truck-like service with a single point of contact in traditionally hard-to-serve markets.

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Express Intermodal Rail

Fast, reliable and cost-effective.

Schneider Intermodal Express service makes rail transport surprisingly quick. Thanks to our rail relationships, we can beat traditional transit times. Your freight runs on the quickest lanes with premium access that gets our containers on and off fast.

Only Schneider Intermodal gives you 53-foot expedited containers with 10 to 15 percent more palletized cargo space than standard containers. These containers can be double stacked for greater efficiency and security.

Add in our reputation for on-time delivery with outstanding service, and you can see why we're a go to for intermodal rail express service.

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Rail Dray

Finally, a reliable option to handle your rail dray freight.

The search for more capacity options and control is always on for shippers, but the shortage of driver capacity makes the balance hard to find. That’s why Schneider has developed a new solution that gives you more of what you want – such as capacity and control – and less of what you don’t – like distractions and hassles. All with one call. This new service is Schneider Rail Dray.

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Nonstop, direct and secure.

Schneider pre-clears your freight on moves throughout North America so it heads across the border without pause and securely on to its destination. That's a real plus for keeping your supply chain in sync.

With decades of experience, a brick-and-mortar presence across North America and a single connected team, Schneider keeps your loads on the move to arrive as promised. Add it up and you'll see why Schneider is the go to provider of choice for companies large or small.

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Here’s where going the extra mile pays off in the long run.

A properly secured load means the difference between “delivered” and “delivered in one piece.” Plus, it’s the law. So we’re here to help. Our associates are DOT and railway regulatory experts, and can provide you with load requirements and transit specifics to help you avoid delays and rework costs due to your load being rejected or set out in transit. This way all your loads reach their destination safely, on time and claims-free.

The resources below contain important information every shipper should know about securing a load:

Van Truckload

While your mind's on freight, consider this.

As a premier transportation and logistics provider, Schneider offers tailored Dry Van Truckload and Bulk solutions, pre-cleared cross-border to Mexico and Canada, and Dedicated solutions with 19 equipment configurations that keep your freight safe, secure and on time.

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