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Need it fast? Rely on Bulk Express Intermodal to get the job done

Stop depending on one mode of transportation for your bulk freight. Schneider Bulk Express Intermodal combines the best of truckload and rail to get your freight delivered safer and quicker.

Schneider's Bulk Express Intermodal services

  • Provides total control of your shipment – starting with pickup of the load at your location and bringing it to one of Schneider’s rail partners.
  • Yields a 3x faster transit than rail car due to avoiding ramp-to-ramp stops.
  • Ensures priority and reliability – your freight is never left waiting.
  • Uses Schneider-owned equipment which leads to fewer setbacks and less wait time.
  • Offers a lower cost option on most long haul moves
  • Reduces your carbon footprint


Interested in what Schneider Bulk Express can do for you?

Published March 2019

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