Weather advisory updates

Impacts to freight network

photo of trucks lined up at truck stop at night during snow storm

    Keep in mind that because of widespread winter storms, inbound shipments are affected across the nation – even in areas where weather may not be an issue.

Network capacity after a storm may be localized initially, but longer-term impacts are nationwide.

Day 0 – Inbound planning begins

Day 7 – Capacity surges to affected areas, reducing capacity in region

Day 15 – Scarcity spreads further…

Winter storms Uri and Viola

  • The recent string of winter storms and cold weather that has gripped the central U.S. disrupted shipping across the country in a way that is somewhat counterintuitive — volumes fell while capacity tightened.
  • This is a short-term story, but it could have a major impact on freight networks for weeks to come due to the tight capacity environment.
  • With an already tight market and a meaningful percentage of drivers sidelined, freight will pile up and create a backlog of pent-up demand. 
  • Therefore, it may take weeks for already strained carriers to accommodate this freight.
*Source: FreightWaves articles: Winter weather decimates tender volumes, quick rebound expected and Winter storms blow freight market back into disarray, 2/20/21
tender reject data tables

With 85 winters behind us, Schneider has the network and experience to weather the storm.

Your business will benefit from our:

  • Asset-based fleet and non-asset-based capabilities.
  • Multimodal capabilities.
  • A nationwide network. 
  • Regular weather monitoring and communication.
  • A business continuity plan.
  • A focus on safety.

We will continue to keep your freight moving as quickly and safely as possible. If you have any questions, please work directly with your Schneider representative or contact us for more information.

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