5 steps to optimize your ocean carrier contract negotiations

Set your business up for success in the new year

The extreme market conditions we’ve recently experienced mean it’s time to get serious about your plan for resiliency this year. As shippers, one way you can ensure a smoother supply chain is by taking control of your ocean carrier contract negotiations. This sets you up for success as your product makes the first leg of its journey through your supply chain and gives you flexibility (so you can move those hot containers first) once it arrives at the port.

Below are our tips for ensuring you come out of your negotiations on top, and with more control, visibility, flexibility, and access to the reliable capacity your business requires.

Checklist: 5 steps to optimizing your ocean carrier contract negotiations

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Schneider has more than 25 years of experience unwinding the chaos at the ports, best-in-class technology and a reliable presence at all major U.S. gateways. Our port logistics and supply chain teams can guide you to an optimized solution that ensures once your freight arrives, it moves swiftly out of the port and to the next destination in your supply chain.