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Whether you're looking for a new semi-truck or a reliable used model, we have you covered. You get the flexibility to either buy or lease, allowing you to make the choice that best suits your needs and budget. Start exploring our extensive inventory of semi-trucks today.

Should you lease or buy a semi-truck?

An owner-operator’s decision to lease a semi-truck versus buy one impacts their business and budget. See below the reasons to lease or buy a truck.

Benefits of leasing a truck

You spend less money upfront.

SFI offers low money down and flexible credit score options, which can help you get into a truck sooner.

You have more financial security.

Some of the perks include:

  • Extensive warranty plans.
  • 24/7 maintenance support team.
  • Discounts on parts and labor.
  • Flexible truck payment options.

You have more options.

At the end of your lease, you can:

  • Pay off the remaining balance on the truck and own it.
  • Finance the truck to extend your lease.
  • Turn the truck in and upgrade to something else.

Benefits of buying a truck

You build equity over time.

Once your payments are complete, you can:

  • Own the truck outright.
  • Continue to drive the truck payment-free or use the equity to trade it in for a newer truck.
  • Likely take a tax write-off for the depreciation of your truck.
  • Likely deduct interest paid on loans for your equipment.

You may save more money in the long run.

You’ll have smaller monthly payments compared to someone who leases a truck, which will save you money over time.

You can customize your truck.

When you buy a semi-truck, you have full ownership and control over the vehicle.

Buy from Schneider

Browse used semi-trucks for sale. We have a wide variety of sleepers and day cabs from manufacturers including Freightliner, International and Volvo.

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Lease from SFI Trucks

View new and gently used semi-trucks for lease. We have a large selection of van and tanker standard, van premium units from Freightliner, International and Volvo to choose from.

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