Dedicated freight service

Think capacity on demand

Dedicated freight service is like having a private fleet without all the hassles. With engineering expertise, Schneider can build and maintain a fleet tailored to your unique needs, including specific equipment and freight handling requirements. We also assume responsibilities like liability and risk, equipment investments plus driver hiring and training — so you can focus on running your business.

A dedicated freight solution is right if you need:

  • Custom solutions focused on protecting your brand.
  • Wide range of equipment available plus willingness to invest in new equipment types.
  • Drivers specifically trained for your business.
  • Technology that adds supply chain efficiencies.
  • Nationwide network of support.

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Put our engineering expertise to work

From customizing solutions to optimizing delivery, our team of accomplished engineers go to work for our customers every day. We analyze your transportation requirements and identify new solutions to move your business forward. To protect cargo, to speed delivery, to save money, to grow your business.

Meet ongoing needs through flexible solutions

We have the capacity you need, the modes you want and the flexible solutions to adapt. For surges and down times, for long hauls and short, we can design a dedicated solution to meet your transportation demands consistently and reliably.

Benefit from new investments

As we work with you to design a dedicated solution to meet your goals, we’re able, and always willing, to invest in the latest equipment for your safety and reliability. That includes investing in new technology or engineering new equipment configurations to optimize your logistics and bring new value to your business.

Private fleet conversation

Convert or augment your private fleet with confidence

In this new age of transportation, an optimized delivery solution is the difference between scraping by and standing out.

With private fleet conversion and augmentation, efficiency and optimization are achieved using multiple levers:

  • Flexible capacity – ramp up capacity fast for surges.
  • Improved driver performance – only the best haul your freight.
  • Less maintenance, fewer costs – we'll handle monitoring and upkeep.
  • An army of experts – supply chain, engineering and tech know-how.
  • Always optimizing – transportation efficiency is always front of mind.