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Find instant access to reliable capacity and put your freight back on the move with Schneider Intermodal. Schneider's unique lanes and growing network makes your intermodal shipping processes easier. 

More than 90% of drays are performed by company drivers and our company-owned equipment eliminates breakdowns, which means you can book with confidence. 

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How we make Intermodal work for you

Extended reach means flexible capacity

Our growing network of rail connections gives you even more capacity and service to markets.

Schneider-owned equipment offers more reliability

Track your loads from start to finish thanks to Schneider-owned containers, chassis and tractors.

Icon of a Schneider intermodal container

Lighter-weight chassis for more agile shipping

Schneider’s 53' containers and lighter chassis let you move up to 10% more product per load.

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Intermodal shipping saves retailer 10% annually

Rapidly growing retailer gains cost savings and efficiency with an intermodal lightweight equipment solution. 

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