Keeping Safety First and Always as the COVID-19 Pandemic and Response Evolves

Last Updated: September 25, 2020 12:00 am


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  • Schneider is closely monitoring the rapidly developing changes associated with COVID-19 for our domestic and international customers. Several ports have adjusted their operating schedule due to market conditions and so that they can conduct additional cleaning per the CDC recommendations. At this point these schedule changes are not impacting our customer base or the ability to service freight. We are staying close to the situation at hand and will advise if there are any changes that impact your business.
March 31
  • In response to COVID-19 many states and municipalities are directing all "non-essential business" to temporarily cease operations and/or putting into place out of state travel restrictions / 'closing their borders.' In all instances to date, transportation and logistics has been deemed an essential industry in order to keep the flow of goods moving in support of the daily needs of the nation, and commercial drivers hauling freight and/or getting to and from such work should therefore remain essential.
March 27
March 20
  • The U.S. is restricting travel across the Mexico border. Similar to border cross restrictions with Canada, truck drivers are considered essential and will still be permitted to cross the border.
  • Following a brief closure, the Port of Houston resumed vessel operations on Friday, March 20, and has returned to regular business hours.
March 18
  • The FMCSA has expanded the list of products covered under the Hours of Service emergency declaration. The waiver now includes the delivery of "precursor" raw materials such as paper, plastic and alcohol used to make essential items. Food for emergency restocking, fuel, and medical and safety supplies are also included in the waiver.
March 16
  • The Canadian government announced that in light of COVID-19 they would begin restricting access into Canada, but these restrictions do not apply to Trade & Commerce in efforts to keep supply chains moving. Truck drivers are exempt from the travel advisory, the need to self-isolate and the actual border restrictions.
  • Customer Advisory 3-16-2020

Actions to Maintain Safety Among Drivers, Customers, Associates and the Public

Schneider is closely monitoring information related to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, and – as always – our priority is to protect the health and safety of our associates, our drivers, our customers and the general public. In short, we are monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and regions within the U.S. at a local level to ensure we have the latest news and recommendations.



Check out this video from Bill Matheson, Chief Commercial Officer, and John Bozec, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Van Truckload, discussing the Hours of Service waiver and how Schneider will continue to service our customers.

For more information on changes to Hours of Service, visit FMCSA.



Q: How are you staying in touch with drivers to ensure they have the most up-to-date information?
Recognizing that our drivers are the backbone of our business we are in regular communication through our driver support teams to ensure that they are well informed as to the environment they are operating in. We are pushing communication to them through in-cab tablets and technology and have distributed driver "to-go" disinfectant products to them. Their safety and wellness is a top priority.

Q: As a shipper, we need to keep our facilities safe during pick-up and drop-off. We have new protocols in place for drivers, do you have any concerns?
Please share your protocols with your Schneider representative. We understand the need to keep drivers and associates safe and have not had any issues at this point in following specific directions on a company by company basis.

Q: With the Hours of Service emergency declaration, can you more easily move our freight?
Schneider has not experienced any changes in our network, and capacity remains strong across our portfolio. Please reach out to your Schneider representative to understand if your loads meet the Hours of Service requirements. For more information, view our video above or visit the FMCSA website.



  • We have appropriate staffing resources near operating centers
  • On-site associates and associates at our headquarters are positioned to work virtually if necessary
  • We continue to monitor developments at the local and federal level
  • Schneider is monitoring trade flows and any related disruptions so that we are well prepared to provide you with the solutions you need


Recognizing that our drivers are the backbone of our business, we are in regular communication through our driver support teams to ensure that they are well informed as to the environment they are operating in. Their safety and wellness are a top priority.

Your business is very important to us and we are happy to answer more questions related to specific worksites or regions should you have them.

For the latest information on COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website.