Purposeful in our approach

At Schneider, we’re committed to doing the right thing, the right way. We’re focused on our pursuit of a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive future, with a values-based approach to environmental, socially responsible and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Some call it green, we call it good business

Schneider operates one of the most energy-efficient fleets on the road today. Together with our partners, we’re leading the charge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and actively decreasing our carbon footprint.

We’re consistently recognized for our investments, operational improvements and driver education programs because they deliver efficiencies across the value chain.

We are committed to:

  • 7.5% reduction of CO2 emissions per mile by 2025; 60% reduction of CO2 emissions per mile by 2035.
  • Doubling our Intermodal size by 2030, thus reducing carbon emissions by an additional 700 million pounds per year.
  • Achieving a net-zero status within our facilities by 2035.

Case in point: Investing in electric

We’ve been focused on the future of sustainable freight long before it was trendy, from testing electrified powertrains to developing strategic zero emissions vehicle adoption plans. In 2020, we were selected to participate in an elite, all-electric Freightliner Customer Experience (CX) Fleet. Through spring 2021, we tested the eCascadia (Class 8 tractor) to assess the widespread use of commercial battery electric vehicles – a gamechanger for our industry after years of collective investment.

Stewards of social responsibility

As a company, we’re guided by our core values of safety, integrity, respect and excellence each and every day. Our commitments go beyond what’s happening on our trucks.

We are focused on:

  • Being a leader and advocate for safety across the entire transportation industry. Safety is our #1 priority.
  • Building a workforce that is as diverse as the communities where we live, work and do business.
  • Nurturing an inclusive culture that fosters associate, supplier and customer trust, builds brand loyalty and recognition, and cultivates confidence in the company, its leaders and its services.
  • Making a lasting impact by giving back to the communities we operate in through ongoing volunteerism and support through the Schneider Foundation.

Always held to the highest standards

We know our ESG ambitions are only as strong as the policies, principles and leadership there to guide them forward. And we’re backed by the best. 

Schneider’s executive team and board of directors have developed a governance structure that is supported by informed and effective decision-making; consistent monitoring of compliance and performance; transparent and ethical engagement; and unwavering accountability.

Go with Schneider

Learn more about Schneider progress and the next steps in our environmental, social and governance (ESG) journey by exploring our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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