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Shipper Best Practices

Loading guide for intermodal containers moving to California and Nevada

Understand the restrictions and challenges for shippers and consignees in California and Nevada due to California's bridge law
icon of refrigerated tractor with food in front of it
Shipper Best Practices

The benefits of shipping refrigerated freight with a dedicated provider

To help ensure an uninterrupted supply chain, using a dedicated provider can solve the biggest food and beverage challenges that put refrigerated freight—and the bottom line—at risk.
best practices image showing how to make freight more attractive to carriers
Shipper Best Practices

Checklist for shippers: How to make freight more attractive to carriers

Securing reliable and economical freight can be a challenge, so it’s important for shippers to make their freight as attractive as possible.
Three orange trucks near an orange questions mark indicating what is dedicated transportation
Shipper Best Practices

What is dedicated transportation?

By definition, a dedicated freight solution provides contracted, consistent capacity for your business’ shipping requirements. But the benefits don’t have to end there.
Three trucks and a laptop image
Shipper Best Practices

What to look for in a dedicated carrier

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting a dedicated carrier, but identifying the best provider for your unique needs will not only optimize the way you ship but add value across your business.
What is truckload freight shipping cover image
Shipper Best Practices

What is full van truckload freight shipping?

Full van truckload is over-the-road transportation used for larger shipments that fills an entire 48’ or 53’ van trailer. Read more!
best flatbed transportation service provider image
Shipper Best Practices

Top reasons businesses choose Schneider flatbed shipping

Protect your cargo. Improve deliveries. Grow your business. These are the reasons why companies are choosing Schneider's dedicated flatbed shipping service-- the best flatbed transportation in the industry.
Power Only Tractor pulling van trailer and tractor pulling bulk trailer next to barrels containing hazardous materials
Shipper Best Practices

Best practices for the transportation of hazardous materials

A lot goes into the transportation of hazardous materials, which amplifies the importance of working with a carrier that understands what it takes to deliver your HazMat safely. As a proven expert in hauling HazMat, Schneider’s Bulk division shares 4 ways your carrier can help you mitigate HazMat transportation risks.
Power Only
Shipper Best Practices

What is Power Only trucking?

Power Only trucking is a service in which third-party carriers pull Schneider trailers containing a shipper’s freight. It’s a simple way to increase capacity.
image of the six reasons to choose schneider trucking, shipping, and transportation
Shipper Best Practices

Six reasons to choose Schneider for your transportation needs

Six reasons to choose Schneider's solutions, services and expertise to give you more control over your supply chain and move you forward. Read them here.
private fleet team photo
Shipper Best Practices

Private fleet conversion: Delivering your brand like it's our business

Private fleet conversion powers your brand with a world-class fleet, detail-driven experts, and nationwide reach. Whether you’re looking to fully convert to a dedicated carrier or simply supplement your fleet, we offer the flexibility and control your business demands.
optimize your ocean carrier negotiations icon
Shipper Best Practices

5 steps to optimize your ocean carrier contract negotiations

Ensure a smoother supply chain by taking control of your ocean carrier contract negotiations. Come out of your negotiations on top, and with more control, visibility, flexibility, and access to the reliable capacity, your business requires with these 5 steps.
Less-than-truckload terms to know cover image
Shipper Best Practices

Less-than-truckload (LTL) terms to know

Here is a list of less-than-truckload (LTL) terms and acronyms you will need to know when working with an LTL carrier or shipping provider.
What is LTL shipping cover image
Shipper Best Practices

What is less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping

More than parcel, less than full truckload-- what exactly *is* less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping?
LTL shipping what you need to know checklist icon
Shipper Best Practices

How to compare less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers

Learn how to compare LTL carriers with these definitions and understandings.
Less-than-truckload terms to know cover image
Shipper Best Practices

Factors that determine less-than-truckload (LTL) rates

What factors determine how the National Motor Freight Transportation Association (NMFTA) sets standard rates for every product shipped? Read more here
LTL shipping what you need to know checklist icon
Shipper Best Practices

What to look for in an LTL transportation provider

Here's what to look for in an LTL transportation provider. Read the checklist today!
orange gear and laptop showing bulk transportation technology logistics
Shipper Best Practices

Logistics technology revolution: Shippers of bulk transportation get savvy, get results

Learn best practices to evaluate your bulk transportation provider that will increase brand safety, cost efficiencies and sustainability of your supply chain. Above all, work with a bulk transportation expert that invests in logistics technology to improve processes, freight reliability and sustainable efforts like Schneider.