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Safety first and always

Safety is our number one priority and core value. As a responsible company, we are committed to protecting the motoring public and providing our drivers with the technology, training and equipment to allow them to do their job safely. 

Intermodal driver standing in front of Schneider intermodal container and Schneider tractor
Schneider's Haul of Fame

Safety leader

Schneider has recognized yearly career milestones for drivers that exemplify safety and excellence. These awards include the Million Mile Driver Award, the Consecutive Safe Driving Award and induction into the Haul of Fame.   

Schneider has 780 active company drivers who have driven more than 1 million miles safely. In 2023, 32 drivers were inducted into the Haul of Fame in 2023 including five drivers who reached the impressive milestone of 4 million safe driving miles.  

Additionally, we received the 2023 National Safety Council’s (NSC) Green Cross for Safety Advocate Award for our work piloting technology to combat impaired driving. With this prestigious distinction, we are the first and only company to win all three safety awards from the NSC. 

Train for safety

Schneider teaches and reinforces safe operations for everyone – from drivers and diesel technicians to office and warehouse associates. We employ a three-pronged approach to training, preparing new drivers and recertifying experienced drivers.

Schneider associates

Investing in and implementing leading safety tools

From installing communication devices to help plan the safest routes, to outfitting all company trucks with collision mitigation sensors, to retrofitting our fleet with flashing amber lights, top-of-the-line sleep apnea screening and more, our focus is on protecting our associates, technicians and drivers along with the freight that we’re moving for our customers.    

Supporting safe communities

We proudly support Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) and we haul a highly visible TAT branded trailer. We believe awareness is a key tool in combatting trafficking and our new drivers must complete training on identifying and reporting human trafficking as part of their onboarding.  

Go with Schneider

Learn more about Schneider progress and the next steps in our environmental, social and governance (ESG) journey by exploring our 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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