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Dry van truckload shipping capacity when and where you need it the most

Whatever the scope of your business, Schneider gives you unrivaled access to capacity and customized truckload solutions. As transportation experts with nearly 90 years of experience and nearly 8,000 customers, we know the best ways forward and can help you find innovative solutions to move you ahead of your competition.

Schneider dry van truckload freight shipping is right for you if you:

  • Ship in full 53’ trailers.
  • Want 99.9% theft-free delivery.
  • Want trackable trailers.
  • Need a customized solution and access to capacity.
  • Want customer service you can rely on.
  • Ship any distance in North America.
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company tractors (approximately)


company-owned trailers (approximately)


drivers who’ve driven over one million miles safely

Benefits of shipping van truckload freight with Schneider

  • Multimodal solutions that give you scalable and flexible freight capacity.
  • 47,300 trackable trailers for shipment visibility throughout the transit.
  • Access to asset-based fleet and non-asset capabilities.
  • Continuous investments in equipment and freight technology.
  • North American network and qualified driver pool with a training program focused on our core value of Safety First and Always.
  • 22,000 qualified carrier relationships.
  • Ship any distance in North America.
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More van truckload capacity and reliable delivery

Schneider provides the capacity you demand for secure, reliable delivery to give you more control over your supply chain and move you forward. With an asset-based nationwide network and many carrier partners, we can fulfill your dry van truckload needs. 

Our truckload shipping services include dedicated, refrigerated, private fleet conversion, long-haul, short-haul and regional, expedited, cross-border, brokerage and power only. We also offer less-than-truckload and flatbed services.

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Schneider Truckload Operating Center Locations

Eighteen truckload operating centers throughout North America to get your freight where it needs to be.
Schneider Van Truckload Operating Center Map 2024

Seamlessly ship Truckload freight with Schneider FreightPower®

FreightPower is an online marketplace that gives you complete freight management. Register today to keep your freight moving. Features include:

  • Instantly quote and book Truckload, Intermodal, Bulk and LTL freight.
  • Freight visibility 24/7.
  • Access to load documents.

  • Real-time reporting.

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Protecting your freight and your bottom line

The true cost of cargo theft unfortunately is much higher than the value of the stolen goods. Costs like lost revenue and shelf space, legal fees, mandated recalls and brand damage add up quickly.

When it comes to protecting your freight, Schneider literally sets the standard with an award-winning layered approach, which guarantees there are no security holes at any step in the supply chain. Our fanatical commitment to security regularly maintained a 99.9% theft-free load ratio.

Discover next-level security standards

Optimized dry van shipments mean better results

In today’s world, supply chains are being pushed to be better, faster, and more efficient. Turn to Schneider’s engineering expertise and logistics solutions to provide efficiencies and increased performance that will drive your business forward.

With state-of-the-art security, track, and trace technology for visibility and real-time communications that keep you in the loop, we'll deliver as promised.

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Schneider brings us innovative ideas. They understand what we really need and create solutions for those needs.

Eric, consumer packaged goods transportation manager

Award-winning dry van truckload shipping service

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4x Logistics Management Quest for Quality Award Recipient: Dry Freight Truckload

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General Mills 2023 Platinum Carrier of the Year Award

2023 Top Food Chain Provider

2023 Top Food Chain Provider

Schneider connects you to:

dedicated service offering

Dedicated services

Get your freight when, where and how you need it.
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van truckload

Long-haul services

Move loads from anywhere to everywhere.
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short haul

Short-haul and regional services

Keep your supply chain close to home running smoothly.
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Need it fast? We’ll ensure it gets there on time and safely.
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Border Crossing


Enjoy peace of mind while your freight moves safely.
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Connect to thousands of qualified carriers.
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power only offerings

Power Only

Additional capacity when you need it.
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Frequently asked truckload questions

Full van truckload is over-the-road (OTR) transportation used for larger shipments that fills an entire 48’ or 53’ van trailer. Learn more with this complimentary truckload resource page.

Good question. You can save time and money with our free online freight class calculator to figure out your correct freight class.

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