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What is Power Only trucking?


Power Only trucking is a service in which third-party carriers pull Schneider trailers containing a shipper’s freight. It’s a simple way to increase capacity while still receiving the benefits that come with Schneider’s high level of service.

This configuration delivers flexibility and can serve a variety of needs, for example:

  • Local market coverage with the flexibility of drop and hook.
  • More capacity in the Schneider regional and over-the-road networks.
  • Pop-up capacity for surges in shipments.
  • Expedited and team solutions.
  • Warehouse moves.
  • Cross-border moves.

Power Only can be added to a shipper’s standard Schneider service to meet a temporary demand, or it can become part of a long-term solution. For example, Power Only may be used to provide additional regional freight capacity for a shipper whose Schneider network already includes company drivers and owner-operators.

How Power Only trucking works

Power Only refers to the third-party carrier’s role of providing only the truck (also known as the “power”) while Schneider provides the trailers that will carry the shipper’s freight. This means all Power Only freight will continue to use the same Schneider SCAC code.

Schneider coordinates the required number of third-party carriers and handles contracting their service. With 40,000+ carriers in its network, Schneider can find the carriers that best fit its customers’ freight moves.

Benefits of Schneider Power Only shipping

Unlike other transportation providers, Schneider has been offering Power Only service consistently for 15 years. With so much experience, Schneider is able to deliver a number of benefits with Power Only shipping.

Simplicity: Power Only is a simple way to increase available capacity. Shippers don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding and contracting with multiple third-party carriers — Schneider handles all the coordination.

Technology: With Power Only, customers still receive the benefits of Schneider’s innovative technology. Third-party carriers use Schneider FreightPower® to enable connection between themselves and shippers. Because shippers’ freight is hauled in Schneider’s trailers, which have enhanced tracking visibility, customers get real-time tracking updates.

Trust: Schneider has some of the strictest vetting criteria in the industry for third-party carriers, so shippers know they can trust the carriers in its network to be safe, secure and sustainable.

Service: Shippers still receive the high level of service they’re used to getting from Schneider. Existing Schneider customers work with the team of people they already know. If an issue should arise, they work with Schneider — not the third-party carrier — to resolve it. Plus, all Power Only freight still falls under Schneider’s cargo liability policies, which provides additional peace of mind that the freight is in good hands.

Find out how Power Only trucking created an efficient and flexible capacity solution for a parcel-package delivery service. Read the case study.

Published April 2021

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