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As a transportation leader, Schneider understands the pressures carriers face every day – from rising fuel and insurance costs to the cash flow “squeeze” when shippers take their time in paying for your services. That's why we've focused on offering our carriers flexible payment options at the invoice level, giving you more control over your business and bottom line.

Take control of your payments

With Schneider and TriumphPay you have complete control over how and when you're paid. Through TriumphPay's portal, you can manage invoices and paperwork, select your QuickPay options and get real-time payment status updates.

You'll have access to:

  • 2% two-day QuickPay payment option or 30-day payment terms
    • For Power Only your first payment could take up to 7 days.
  • The flexibility to manage how you're paid at the invoice level
  • Set your default payment terms such as QuickPay or standard pay
  • Pick from a list of industry-standard payment methods

Get started with TriumphPay:

  1. Go to to create your account
  2. Select Schneider as your broker and confirm the relationship through authentication
  3. Set your payment preferences

Submit paperwork — fast and easy

Schneider provides multiple options for submitting paperwork based on the type of load you haul.

Shipments starting with SL

If your shipment prefix starts with SL, you have two options for submitting invoices and supporting paperwork:

1. TRANSFLO® Velocity App

Save time - and paperwork - by submitting invoices with Transflo®. You'll get confirmation once your document is received by our processing center.

  • Visit
  • Click on: ‘Free Download’
  • Use our Broker ID to submit invoices:
    • 30-day payment term: SLCYV
    • Registered Quick Pay: SLCYVQP
TRANSFLO on phones

2. Email options

  1. 30 day payment term, email to
  2. QuickPay email to

Shipments starting with ST or 4000

If your shipment prefix starts with ST or 4000, you have two options for submitting invoices and supporting paperwork:

  1. 30-day payment term, email to
  2. QuickPay email to

If you’re new to Schneider – Power Only, the initial setup for Quickpay will take 5 – 10 business days

  1. Submit your invoice to 
  2. Connect your profile in Triumph Pay - 5-10 Business days from submitting your first invoice — You can connect your profile in Triumph Pay to Schneider. You will not be able to connect to Schneider until we’ve sent your first approved invoice to Triumph.
  3.  Select your Quickpay Terms in Triumph Pay


With TriumphPay you can choose which invoices you want paid through Quick Pay on an individual basis or opt in at a carrier level.

When submitting an invoice for Schneider Quick Pay, please take the time to verify that the amount you are invoicing matches the Rate Tender Sheet you received from Schneider Brokerage at the time of dispatch. If the rate sheet does not match because additional accessorial charges were incurred, please contact the Broker who dispatched the load to get the charges approved and an updated copy of the rate tender sheet. Call the broker to communicate the completion time and trailer number before invoicing.

  • Invoice and Payment information can be found directly in Triumph Pay.
  • For Phone inquiries, please call 855-476-4786 and select option 6.
  • If your invoice is not in Triumph Pay and is past due: email
  • If your need is urgent, please call 920-357-9073.

When billing Schneider Brokerage Services, all invoices must reference the Schneider load number on the face of the invoice. The load number on the Schneider Shipment Tender starts with "SL" followed by 9 numbers. If the load number is not referenced on the invoice, the invoice will be delayed for payment. All invoices need to be accompanied by a signed bill of lading. If a lumper charge was incurred, a signed copy of the receipt must also be included with your invoice.

Your remittance details are accessible on the Triumph pay portal.

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