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Once registered, you can quote, book and track freight 24/7.

Create on-demand reporting

Customized reports allow for ongoing supply chain optimization.

What is FreightPower for shipping?

Schneider FreightPower is an online marketplace that gives you complete freight management by allowing you to instantly quote, book, and track shipments. Schneider has one of North America’s largest trailer pools and a network of 40,000 prequalified, top-tier truckload and less-than-truckload carriers all held to Schneider’s rigorous performance and safety standards.

FreightPower expands a business’s scale, network, and technology capabilities. Coupled with Schneider’s advanced supply chain analytics, shippers will get personalized expertise and real results to strengthen their businesses. Shippers can move freight confidently, knowing their business and reputation are backed by a trusted carrier. 


Get an instant quote for Brokerage Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload freight, available when you need it, 24/7.


Instantly book Brokerage LTL and Truckload freight and eliminate time spent negotiating.


Know where freight is at all times with real-time updates for all loads (available for all Schneider service offerings except dray). You also always have the ability to track your freight right from

More freight to move coming soon

This is just the beginning. Van Truckload and Intermodal loads will be able to harness the power of FreightPower soon.

More features that help shippers manage freight

On-demand access

to all shipping documents in one place. 

Develop customized reports

for ongoing supply chain management.

Create order notifications

for pickup and delivery.

Receive push notifications

for at-risk freight.

Save and modify order favorites

including locations, commodities and contacts.

Two ways to harness the power of FreightPower


Shippers interested in FreightPower can register for an account. Once an account has been created, they receive instant access to quoting and booking Brokerage LTL and Truckload freight and managing all loads.


An API (application programming interface) enables shippers to connect two systems together for seamless data transmission. Larger shippers with a qualified TMS (transportation management system) can be connected. The API instantly greenlights freight, increasing efficiency by eliminating up to two hours of wait time.

Move more — confidently

Schneider has over 85 years of serving customers with excellence and innovation. Putting its four core values — excellence, integrity, safety and respect — to work every day, Schneider delivers on what matters most. Industry-leading innovation, flexible solutions, reliability and exceptional service mean that shippers get the service they deserve from a transportation provider that can deliver.


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