API Connections

Schneider offers API connections to many Transportation Management Systems (TMS) as well as direct with customers. The API connections allow shippers to quote, book and track freight securely, quickly and efficiently.

What is an API connection?

API (application programming interface) is a set of programming instructions for two software systems to communicate via the web. This allows one system to query the other and receive a response back within milliseconds.

What options are there for connecting to Schneider through API?

  • Ask for our quote API specs and connect to our API. Fast and easy. As soon as connection is made by customer, Schneider can turn around subscription keys for testing (2 days).​
  • If you use Blue Yonder as your TMS provider. Blue Yonder and Schneider have already connected and you benefit.
  • You have your own API specs for Schneider to connect? Please provide them to us and we can review.

What TMS systems does Schneider’s API currently connect with?

We have the ability to connect with the following TMS systems via API as well as many proprietary customer TMS systems.

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