Schneider announces zero full-load thefts in 2020

Schneider achieved a zero-theft status for cargo in 2020.
Published May 2021

GREEN BAY, Wis. (May 19, 2021) – In a year when our nation’s supply chains were tested, Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), a premier provider of trucking, intermodal and logistics services, truly delivered. The company is pleased to announce today that it achieved a zero-theft status for cargo in 2020. This is a significant accomplishment considering Schneider moves more than nine million miles of freight each day across North America.

Throughout 2020, Schneider and its professional drivers remained committed to maintaining the highest levels of security, ensuring customers received shipments in full. This dedication to safety and security is worth noting; according to CargoNet, the leading cargo theft prevention and recovery company, trailer thefts nearly doubled in 2020 when compared to 2019 figures.

“Schneider’s success is a testament to our training and the work of our professional drivers,” said Jim Filter, chief commercial officer and senior vice president, Schneider. “Thanks to our drivers’ diligence and dedication to serving our customers and consumers during the pandemic, we were able to continue delivering ahead.”

Schneider has regularly maintained a 99.9 percent theft-free rate to ensure the safety of our customers’ cargo. The company previously achieved a zero-theft load year in 2014.

“Schneider has been able to beat the full load cargo theft odds because of its holistic approach to security, which eliminates theft prevention gaps from beginning to end for truckload and intermodal moves,” said John Bozec senior vice president, Schneider. “Multiple technologies, procedures and training provide a multilayered effect that strengthens the supply chain and achieves zero cargo theft results.”

“It’s important to continue preparing and educating drivers and owner-operators,” said Bozec.

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