Centralized Network Saves the Day with Quick Logistical Solutions and Capacity

Background: Distributor of Bottled Water Requires Quick Capacity Turnaround

A leading North American distributor of bottled water carries a variety of quality water brands, including spring water, purified, sparkling and mineral water. The promoter of healthy hydration has international distribution and relies heavily on pipelines from natural springs to its water plants in a number of locations throughout North America. When Mother Nature puts a spell on the natural springs the water company collects from, it could mean a shortage of product and simply bad business for the water company if the situation isn’t quickly remedied.

Situation: Natural Disasters Put A Halt To Flow

Over the last three years, the water distributor was forced several times to halt operations out of springs due to natural extremes like runoff contamination, hurricanes and droughts. Lacking capacity to move the more than 1 million gallons of water that regularly come through its pipelines, the company needed to figure out how to move similar quantities of water – and fast – from other springs.

Because Schneider provides great Van Truckload service for the water distributor, the distributor reached out to the transportation and logistics provider about a Bulk shipment solution. Schneider set out to deliver quick turnaround capacity with its “Safety First and Always” mantra in mind.

Solution: Refitted Tankers, Personalized Training Programs and a Bulk Slip-Seating Program

The moment each of the disasters occurred, the water distributor reached out to Schneider. Immediately, Schneider activated its turnkey service experience and had its entire solution up and running shortly after the first phone call. Schneider has a centralized network with vast resources that allow it to quickly pull drivers from throughout the country to accommodate any capacity request. This network also allows for flexibility, so when more drivers – or fewer – were needed, Schneider was able to accommodate on a moment’s notice.

Bulk tanker retrofitting

Schneider looked for every opportunity to maximize efficiencies, including deployment of a slip-seating program, in which two drivers share a truck. In one state where the water distributor needed help, trucks could legally haul 100,000 pounds. To take advantage of this heavier payload opportunity, Schneider retrofitted two tankers to carry the 100,000-pound maximum load.

Because each spring and water plant requires different skills and safety processes, Schneider even designed training manuals and specially trained its drivers for every location they would be visiting.

Results: Reliable, Personalized and Consistent Service During a Tough Time

Bulk tanker 100% On Time Pickup

Schneider continues to expand its impressive track record with the water distributor, exceeding both customer pickup and delivery expectations.

  • 100% on-time pickup
  • 100% no-problem loads
  • More than 79,000 gallons delivered per day

Because of Schneider’s proven, specialized tanker solution, the water distributor has a reliable company to call when it is in need of a quick solution. When called, Schneider continues to deliver nonstop Bulk service that maintains the water company’s quality product and over-delivers on its commitment to safe transportation with special training certifications for drivers.

Schneider’s open and consistent communication matched with meaningful technology keeps the water company running efficiently and strengthens the bond between the two parties. The water company continues to rely on Schneider’s portfolio of services, including Van Truckload, Intermodal and Bulk to fulfill regular business, and other Schneider services may be added to the water distributor’s transportation mix soon. Whether the water company experiences a crisis or it’s “business as usual,” it knows it can rely on Schneider to provide quick and efficient centralized support.

Published October 2017