Dedicated Team Tackles Company’s Growing Pains with a Single Carrier Solution

Background: Sporting Goods Retailer Seeks A Single-Carrier Solution

Where there is business growth, growing pains often aren’t far behind. A sporting goods retailer was feeling the pressure of managing its expanding network. The company huddled and decided they needed a single-carrier solution since using multiple carriers to transport their goods was hurting more than helping the team. The retailer needed a carrier to meet lofty on-time delivery requirements, while also becoming the sole carrier of goods out of its West Coast distribution center.

Situation: Unique Unloading Process Forces Higher Expectations to be Met

Tight delivery window

For each store, the delivery window was between midnight and 6 a.m., and the retailer hired an unloading crew for the time each truck was scheduled to arrive. The crew was paid by the hour, so for each hour the truck was delayed, the company lost money.

The extra hours and dollars accumulated as the sporting goods retailer expanded and added more stores. To prevent any further injury to their bottom line, the retailer set the bar high with a 98 percent ontime delivery requirement. This would support the retailer’s growth projections and avoid unnecessary costs resulting from the specialty crew waiting for delayed loads.

Service was also a must for the retailer, as almost all of its stock goes from the truck directly to the sales floor. Beyond the additional cost for the unloading crew, any time a truck was late, the store lacked available products for its customers.

Schneider, primed and ready to tackle the problem, was the company’s number one draft pick.

Solution: Dedicated Team of Experienced Professionals, Advanced Technology and Extensive Network of Drivers

To ensure the on-time delivery requirement was met and the retailer’s day-to-day business would go uninterrupted, Schneider implemented a dedicated team with a breadth of experience in the retail industry and skilled in executing constant communication across parties.

Once each load was assigned, the dedicated internal team connected with both the driver and customer to discuss details specific to that load.

The dedicated team also leveraged Schneider’s superior tractor and trailer tracking technology, which helped the retailer tighten the delivery window and more accurately communicate with each store when a load would arrive.

Dedicated solution delivers to 130 stores

After seeing that Schneider could meet – and exceed – expectations, the retailer increased the number of stores Schneider delivered to from three to 31. Then, with an effective process in place, Schneider was soon entrusted with delivering to all 130 stores out of the West Coast distribution center.

To maintain its track record as the retailer added more stores to its delivery list, Schneider deployed its centralized network to acquire extra drivers. By implementing a combination of dedicated solo and team drivers, Schneider was able to tackle the on-time delivery requirement from all angles and for all stores.

Results: Reliable, Personalized and Consistent Service During a Tough Time

The sporting goods retailer continues to grow and rely on Schneider’s expertise to exceed both service and on-time delivery expectations. Results include:

Dedicated delivers 98.7 percent on-time delivery rate

  • 98.7 percent on-time delivery
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Delivery reliability across all 130 stores

With more efficient systems and processes in place, Schneider is not only exceeding the on-time delivery requirement but also enhancing the daily operations of the business. Schneider’s open and consistent communication, coupled with its advanced technology and centralized network, has solidified the relationship with the sporting goods retailer. The company knows that no matter how large or quickly it grows, it can count on Schneider to deliver.

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Published March 2018 | Last Updated January 2019