Pre-Service Site Visit and Open Communication Delivers a Flawless Multimodal Start-up


A leading American brewing company operates 12 breweries in the United States. It sought additional capacity to keep product flowing.


Lack of available equipment and increasing concern over driver availability places over-the-road transportation at a premium. The company used intermodal for 25+ years, but wanted to expand its capacity. The brewer sent out an RFQ for truckload, intermodal and refrigerated equipment services that would balance cost and capacity. Given the fragility of the product and surges in freight volumes, it was looking for a solution that was both fast and flexible.


Schneider already hauled product for the brewing company and offered a combination of past experience with the company, solid service, available capacity and competitive pricing.

When Schneider was awarded the new business, it deployed a multimodal solution using both intermodal and truckload services to address the brewer’s capacity concerns. Upon startup, two main components (including pre-work and daily communication) were implemented.


multimodal-brewer-01Schneider’s Customer Service and Operations associates took action before the carrier hauled its first case. Schneider sent a loading process expert to the brewery sites to educate the brewer’s team about proper intermodal loading and unloading procedures, including blocking and bracing and securement of the loads. Schneider recommended load straps to provide additional stability for loads within high elevations. Flexible operations within the breweries and the ability to rework loads to ensure they are blocked and braced properly to prevent airbag deflations ensured a smooth transition from the incumbent carrier to Schneider and shipments didn’t miss a beat.


multimodal-brewer-02As Schneider managed steady volume coming out of eight breweries daily, consistent communication was imperative from day one and continues on a daily basis. The Schneider team was quick to respond and has gained the brewer’s confidence and trust. Schneider’s Customer Service team provided pickup ETAs, reviewed trailer/container pools and ensured equipment is in motion.

Furthermore, Schneider continually offered plenty of equipment for flexible capacity and met surges in demand.



The brewing company has seen impressive results stemming from its successful relationship with Schneider.

  • Schneider’s thorough training and multimodal service offers the brewing company a ready supply of trailers/containers into which it can load its freightmultimodal-brewer-03
  • Weekly load acceptance, or daily load targets (DLTs), are met 99.9% of the time
  • The amount of freight hauled often exceeds the target metric in most markets as a result of available and flexible capacity

The brewer has lauded Schneider’s performance in more ways than one:

  • The company declared its startup with Schneider to be the best with a new carrier, customer service or network team to datemultimodal-brewer-04
  • The company has expanded service with Schneider from three to eight breweries in a year, now moving 100 loads per week on orange equipment
  • Schneider received the Intermodal Carrier of the Year Award because of the invaluable startup and daily communication efforts
  • Schneider was awarded the Overall Partner of the Year Award, as a result of on-time pickup, trailer pool compliance, award compliance and annual growth

The brewer is overflowing with the full-bodied, refreshing service it receives from Schneider. With several years of solid experience with the Big Orange under its belt, the brewing company knows it can tap into Schneider to hop in when capacity surges and special circumstances arise.


Published September 2015

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