High-Value Services:
Thieves can't steal what they can't catch

For time-sensitive and high-value freight, you’ll find Schneider at the intersection of speed, safety, security and service.

Time Sensitive and High value freight

Schneider brings an award-winning approach to protecting your most valuable freight. Cargo security isn’t just an afterthought to us; it’s in every thought.

When it comes to keeping freight safe, no single silver bullet will get the job done. Instead, success lies in the layering of proven processes and technologies across every aspect of the load’s journey. Multiple solutions are layered one on top of the other, providing strategic overlap so that your cargo is always covered – even if it encounters the unexpected. For example, each load rides with a two-person team so your freight keeps moving from start to finish. When the truck stops to refuel, it is always monitored. Your cargo is constantly tracked along every mile of our carefully pre-planned routes, including driver check calls, electronic tracking and more.

Theft Prevention

We know the bad guys are always looking for new ways in. And we’re ready for them.

We make it a point to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, proactively polishing our best practices. That’s why our drivers receive ongoing refresher training to keep their skills sharp.

We have more than 500 teams ready to handle your freight — so you can count on capacity with highly trained drivers behind the wheel. You also get an individually assigned customer service team to ensure everything goes according to plan. Simply put, we provide every load the tightest freight security in the industry.

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Time-sensitive Freight

The clock doesn’t have to be your enemy.

In today’s business climate, every minute matters, but on some loads, they matter more. When your freight is on an especially tight timeline, look to Schneider’s Expedited Services to get the job done. 

In a typical truckload move, a driver can complete 500 miles per day. Schneider’s experienced teams average 1,000 miles in that same time period – with a 99 percent on-time delivery track record.

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Committed to safety. Committed to service.

Our 500 expert driver teams get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there – but always in full compliance with every government regulation and every high safety standard we set for ourselves. 

Bottom line: You’ll never have to worry if your freight is getting there as quickly and safely as it can. With Schneider Expedited your freight will get from Point A to Point B, and you’ll have total visibility every step of the way – giving you the confidence it’s going to get there.

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Van Truckload

While your mind's on freight, consider this.

As a premier transportation and logistics provider, Schneider offers tailored Dry Van Truckload solutions, truck-like Intermodal, Bulk and Dedicated solutions with 19 equipment configurations that keep your freight safe, secure and on time.

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