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Logistics technology revolution: Shippers of bulk transportation get savvy, get results

Logistics technology drives brand safety, on-time deliveries and supply chain efficiencies


What should you look for in a bulk transportation provider?

Transportation providers must protect shippers’ brands, loads and the drivers hauling them. As a leader in the industry, Schneider combines proprietary logistics technology and industry technology to enable bulk shippers to spend more time focusing on their core business and less time worrying about whether a load is arriving at the pace and standards their business demands. Here’s what you can expect to be on your business’s side when you ship with Schneider Bulk.

Technology to protect your brand and keep freight safe

When a shipper chooses a bulk freight transportation provider, it is relying on the provider to do more than deliver freight; it’s expecting the company to protect the freight’s brand as if it were its own. Truck technology plays a crucial role in keeping bulk freight — and those who move it — transported safely. That’s why Schneider invests in technology to:  

  • Increase security and freight transparency by installing forward and side-facing cameras.
  • Prevent accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists with side-guard assist and trailer sweep assists.
  • Reduce rear-end collisions by 68% by utilizing collision mitigation technology.
  • Meet Department of Transportation hours of service compliance requirements with ELD compliant trucks.
  • Lower crash rates by 50% with speed limiters.
  • Decrease stopping distance with the usage of disc brakes.
  • Reduce the risk of product loss with roll stability control systems.
  • Improve driver focus and freight safety with automatic transmissions.
  • Reduce driving distractions with text-to-voice in-cab technology.
  • Provide insight into driver behavior for coaching opportunities and real-time decision-making during critical events with safety management system technology. 

Technology to improve efficiencies and deliver cost savings

Continuous increases in efficiency go a long way in creating greater value for shippers. By working with a transportation technology provider that offers ways to increase freight visibility and quickly implement supply chain improvements, bulk shippers can realize significant bottom-line impact. That’s why Schneider provides technology to:  

  • Enable shippers to lower costs and quickly communicate with customers regarding potential disruptions to their supply chains and manufacturing processes by providing methods such as instant email response to tracking requests, visibility aggregators or direct API connections.
  • Access capacity planning to match shipper freight needs with predictive forecasting models.
  • Reduce paperwork and potential delays with digital documentation.
  • Give shippers aggregated feedback on opportunities to streamline processes at their facilities through its Driver Feedback App.
  • Analyze the shipper’s network and provide actionable ways to optimize supply chain performance with expert engineers.
  • Assess available driver hours, equipment and commodity specs with proprietary optimization software.
  • Assure order accuracy and spec fulfillment with its proprietary order creation app.

Technology to achieve a sustainable supply chain

Transportation moves today are the cleanest and most energy-efficient yet because of providers’ investments in sustainable equipment and practices. Shippers benefit by working with a provider that is committed to developing, testing and implementing best-in-class bulk technologies — especially those that protect the environment while boosting customers’ bottom lines. That’s why Schneider implements technology to:  

  • Save an average of 335,000 gallons of fuel per year from simulation-based driver training programs.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 12 million gallons year-over-year with terrain mapping, ambient air temperature sensors, trailer skirts, automated transmissions and more.
  • Improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions with rigorous testing of engines, tires, electric commercial vehicles and other emerging energy-efficient technologies.

What's next?

When safety and reliability are on the line, bulk shippers that trust their moves to savvy transportation technology providers like Schneider reap the rewards: brand safety, on-time deliveries and increased supply chain efficiencies in an environmentally responsible manner.

Learn how you can save money by working with a shipper that provides unmatched service through proprietary logistics technology. Contact an expert today.

Published October 2020

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