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What to look for in an LTL transportation provider

There are so many factors to be aware of when selecting the right carrier. 


Here's what to look for in a Less than Truckload (LTL) transportation provider:

  • Large, varied carrier base

    Ensure your shipping provider will have the right LTL carrier to fit your needs by looking for a provider that offers a large variety of carriers.

  • Web-based portal technology

    A web-based portal will allow you to easily quote, book and track freight without directly contacting each individual carrier you’re working with.

  • Supply chain analysis

    An LTL shipping provider that looks at your entire supply chain is more likely to find opportunities to save on shipping costs. Beyond the tariff, there may be opportunities to create a more efficient process when weighing, palletizing, packaging or loading products, determining freight class, handling claims or solving for invoice discrepancies.

  • Multimodal offerings

    Is LTL shipping the right solution for your needs? A shipping provider with multimodal options can offer the best shipping solution for your freight, even if that solution isn’t LTL.

  • Asset-based

    Asset-based shipping providers understand the carrier side and are often a more effective bridge between you and your carriers.

Because there are so many factors to be aware of when selecting the right carrier, it’s usually easiest to work with a transportation provider who can sort through the hundreds of LTL carriers and find the right ones for your operation.

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Published January 2021

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