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Private fleet conversion: Delivering your brand like it's our business


You're not giving up control. You're taking it back

Schneider private fleet conversion powers your brand with a world-class fleet, detail-driven experts, and nationwide reach. Whether you’re looking to fully convert to a dedicated carrier or simply supplement your fleet, Schneider offers the flexibility and control your business demands.

1 — The game has changed: A case for private fleet conversion

Every day, private fleets that have been delivering freight the same way for decades are feeling the pressures of a rapidly evolving industry. Consumers demand more, regulations are tougher and costs are on the rise. The landscape has changed. Many of these private fleets simply aren’t built for today’s supply chain challenges and struggle to hit the mark on delivery due to: 

  • Outdated, costly equipment.
  • Limited technology.
  • Inefficient supply chains.
  • Driver recruitment.

The switch to dedicated: This is delivery, optimized

In this new age of transportation, an optimized delivery solution is the difference between scraping by and standing out. The transition to a dedicated provider gives your business the tools and firepower it needs to keep up with a relentlessly challenging marketplace.

  • Flexible capacity - While private fleet capacity is fixed, a dedicated carrier has the resources to flex up for sudden growth or sales surges. 
  • Improved driver experience - Dedicated drivers often have better home time and pay incentives to perform at a high level every day. 
  • Less maintenance, fewer costs - A dedicated carrier has the manpower to constantly monitor, maintain the fleet and manage fuel and compensation costs. 
  • An army of experts - Keeping up with the complex transportation landscape requires a team of experienced, specialized experts. 
  • Always optimizing - Dedicated providers actively optimize your supply chain with technology and strategies to shed costs and improve performance.

2 — Better service, fewer costs: Making the move to dedicated

The daily grind for private fleets comes with constant headaches and crippling costs. Businesses that take on delivery alone face:

  • A growing driver shortage - Staffing your private fleet is only getting tougher. The industry faces a driver shortage of 50,000+ drivers to meet rising delivery demands.* 
  • Shifting capacity needs - Private capacity isn’t guaranteed capacity. A sudden sales surge beyond your means can leave you scrambling to deliver when it matters most. 
  • Complex industry regulations - Most major carriers have an entire team charged with staying on top of the changing regulation landscape, a luxury private fleets often can’t afford.
  • Complicated, relentless costs - Equipment maintenance. Driver compensation. Permits and licenses. Safety and risk mitigation. Private fleets are on the hook for substantial costs that never let up.

* Source: ATA Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2017

A conversion that works harder for you

When you’ve invested so much time and capital into your private fleet, the transition to a dedicated provider can feel intimidating. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure a conversion is the right move for your business– and culture.

bulk and van truckload icons
  • Take back your focus - Our delivery muscle and transportation chops give you the freedom to return your focus and expertise to where it belongs: on your core business.
  • Preserve your company culture - Whenever possible, we’ll onboard your existing employees and keep them close to the work we do for you.
  • Get more for your equipment - After working closely with you to assess your equipment, we’ll consider purchasing it, freeing up valuable capital to flow back into your business.

Time is money. Maybe it's time you take yours back.

Calculate the damage -- Contact us to request our cost calculator and find out what your private fleet is costing your business.

Transition on your own terms -- Not ready to fully convert to a dedicated carrier? No problem. We'll supplement your business with flexible capacity, specialty equipment, and delivery expert.

From supplemental support to a full conversion, Schneider Dedicated will streamline your transportation, so you can get back to what you do best: running your business. Contact us to discuss how you can control costs, lockdown capacity, and build your business with confidence.

3 — Convert with confidence: Helping you hit the ground running

A successful conversion to a dedicated provider leaves no room for disruptions along the way. Schneider has every detail covered, so business can continue as usual and then get even better.

  • Seamless implementation - We’ll create an implementation plan specific to your business and keep your supply chain running smoothly the moment conversion begins.
  • Highly trained teams -  Our drivers won’t just deliver your freight. They’ll make sure it’s well received, getting the small details right that make a big difference to your customers. 
  • Delivery optimization - Our supply chain experts use predictive analytics to study your operation and continually find new ways to get more out of every move you make.

Custom-fit capacity that always has you covered

Schneider Dedicated arms your business with specialized equipment to overcome any capacity challenge you face. With hundreds of unique configurations available, we’ll build a dedicated solution around your supply chain’s exact needs.

Flatbed trailer icon


truck icon


dry van truckload icon

Dry van truckload

Flatbed - Beyond standard flatbeds, we can source and configure any trailing equipment you need to haul everything from building materials and glass to the most complex, over-dimensional moves.

  • Drop-deck
  • Double-drop
  • Removable gooseneck
  • Lightweight flatbed
  • Conestoga
  • Moffett delivery

Temperature-controlled - Our cold temperature-controlled options can maintain accurate conditions when there’s no room for error. Whether you need cold-chain compliance or heated trailers to keep paint from freezing, we’ve got it.

  • Single, double, and triple zone
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Side-entry
  • Heated
  • Lightweight

Dry van truckload - No two freight loads are the same. It’s why our dedicated dry van trailers come in a variety of configurations. We’ll engineer an equipment solution built around the specific needs of your supply chain.

  • Unmarked trailers
  • Logo trailers
  • Lift gate
  • Roll door
  • E-track
  • Paper spec
  • High security
  • Lightweight
  • Custom engineered

4 - Safe, proven dedicated deliver: Put your brand in trusted hands

An accident leaves freight stranded on the side of the road, a waiting game you can’t afford to play. As one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours bolster their supply chains with safe, reliable delivery.

Ongoing safety training - Our number one core value of “Safety First and Always” is the focus of our drivers’ training and delivery preparation.

  • Site-specific driver playbooks for safe, mistake-free delivery.
  • In-cab tablets for training, communications and documentation.
  • Proactive intervention for drivers before incidents occur.

Recruiting and retention - We stop at nothing to protect our drivers and are constantly finding new ways to keep them safe behind the wheel.

  • Consistent home time and higher pay for physically demanding jobs
  • Physical function tests mimicking actual job functions
  • A $7 million investment in hair follicle drug testing

Proven on America's roads - Our safety first culture has led to fewer incidents on the road and fewer delays for the freight we deliver.

27% decrease

in lost time injuries

44% decrease

in DOT preventable accidents

25% decrease

of preventable accidents

Converting to dedicated: Three more reasons to make the move

We take safety seriously and set our drivers up for success. Here are three more ways Schneider Dedicated can change the way you deliver. 

  1. Stay ahead of regulations — Our full-time team of compliance specialists analyzes and plans for upcoming regulations, helping your business do the same. 
  2. Access a nationwide infrastructure — Our footprint extends across all of North America. You’ll have access to 24/7 coast-to-coast capacity, service trucks, and operational centers. 
  3. Get capacity when you need it — We’re always investing in our growing transportation fleet, meaning you’ll always have access to the smart, reliable, compliant capacity you demand.

Demand more from your delivery

Whether you’re looking to tap into our capabilities or fully convert your private fleet, we’ll bring safe, reliable delivery and custom-fit capacity to your supply chain.

Published February 2021

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