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Dairy-free manufacturer navigates food and beverage logistics with bulk dedicated solution

How to gain food-safe capacity


Ensuring that your business’s product travels across the country and even over the border safely is a lot of pressure. That is especially true for companies that ship in the food and beverage vertical. With every load, the integrity of the product — and the company’s reputation — is on the line. 

A manufacturer of dairy-free foods experienced this situation when it needed to ship the product base used in its non-dairy milks from its manufacturing plant in the northeastern United States to co-packaging plants in eastern Canada and the Midwest. 

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The manufacturer was having trouble finding enough drivers to meet demand; its segment of the dairy alternative industry grew 686% in 2019 and is expected to continue to grow, so the manufacturer needed to be able to scale up its transportation solutions as demand for its non-dairy milks increases. Plus, it needed to ensure that its transportation processes met Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance.

The manufacturer reached out to see how Schneider could help.

Extensive training and proper equipment ensure safety of food and beverage shipments

Schneider stepped in with a Bulk Dedicated food-grade service and began moving the manufacturer’s product with 10 dedicated drivers and tankers. A dedicated solution gave the manufacturer peace of mind that the integrity of its product would be maintained throughout transport. 

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Dedicated food-grade tankers ensured that the tanks were used only for the manufacturer’s product; there was no risk for other types of food or chemicals coming into contact with the product. Furthermore, dedicated drivers acted as an extension of the manufacturer’s business, becoming experts on its products and processes.

Because Schneider Dedicated drivers receive extensive training on bulk transportation and maintaining FSMA compliance, those working on the manufacturer’s business were prepared to start safely transporting the product base. Following Schneider’s standard process, drivers were responsible for keeping the product at the correct temperature and ensuring the tanks were properly washed. All tanks went through a two-hour cleaning process to make sure they were bacteria-free. After the wash, all tanks would be loaded within 72 hours or be cleaned again.

Drivers were also trained on any nuances the customer’s product demands. In this case, the manufacturer required that its product must be delivered within five days of being loaded. By becoming familiar with the manufacturer’s needs, drivers were also better equipped to spot potential issues related to transporting its products and became experts at filling out necessary paperwork.


The manufacturer received support from a dedicated customer service team that knows its business well. Throughout the transportation process, the manufacturer had peace of mind that its products were properly handled.

Surge in demand allows Schneider Bulk Dedicated to scale up with manufacturer

As the manufacturer’s business increased, so has its freight capacity needs. A year later, Schneider now uses 20 drivers and trailers to ship the manufacturer’s food and beverage product. Because Schneider has a large network and buying power, it was able to scale up to find adequate capacity. In addition to eastern Canada and the Midwest, Schneider is now also helping the manufacturer support new facilities in the western U.S. and deliver its product base to co-packing plants across the West and western Canada. 

Plus, Schneider Dedicated drivers have provided control of the manufacturer’s brand, building relationships with production and co-packing facilities to ensure smooth and consistent product delivery and safety procedures. 

As it manages a surge in demand for its product, the manufacturer no longer needs to spend time and energy finding its own drivers. The manufacturer has been able to successfully — and safely — move its dedicated freight across North America thanks to a Bulk Dedicated solution from Schneider.

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Published May 2021

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