Shipper Case Study

Advanced facility visits and Dedicated Bulk capacity delivery flawless start-up

Schneider Bulk satisfies chemical company's hunger for flexible dependable capacity


Background: High load-acceptance rate and reliable service needed now

A leading provider of chemicals used in a variety of consumer, professional and industrial products and applications was seeking a regional, short-haul bulk carrier who could deliver:

  • Ample bulk capacity and drivers at-the-ready.
  • High load acceptance.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Consistent adherence to safety processes and procedures.
  • A dedicated customer service team ready to do what it takes to get the job done.

Situation: Asset-based truckload carrier = great value

Though the chemical company traditionally worked within a tanker owner-operator driver model, it scrambled for capacity as the driver pool began to shrink. It needed a new distribution model comprised of a trusted asset-based bulk truckload carrier with well-maintained tank equipment, dedicated capacity and highly trained, safe drivers. It was crucial that the carrier have the ability to flex capacity up or down, depending on the chemical company’s changing needs.


A bid was put into motion to find a carrier who could not only tackle capacity needs at a reasonable price but also help grow the chemical company’s business through a committed team of professional drivers and customer service representatives. They found all that and more in Schneider.

Schneider solution: Deliver unbeatable capacity, safety and customer service

Prior to joining forces, Schneider associates visited the four primary chemical facilities they would eventually service to better understand the chemical company’s people, business model and transportation challenges.

During these visits, it was apparent that the chemical company was faced with daily pressure to move product as quickly and safely as possible with consistent, on-time delivery.

It was also clear that the company was nervous about transitioning carriers. To overcome these fears, a team of Schneider Bulk driver business leaders and drivers illustrated what the working relationship would look like. They took time to answer questions from the company’s staff, discussed Schneider’s driver training and safety programs and initiatives, and even provided a “show and tell” – bringing the tank equipment that would be used to haul product to the shipper’s facilities.

The site visits proved beneficial in a number of ways. The chemical company and its employees were confident they could count on Schneider’s associates and equipment to keep their business moving smoothly, while Schneider was able to use the insight it gleaned to develop the most effective solutions for the company’s needs. After being awarded the business, Schneider worked closely with the chemical company to ensure a smooth transition from an owner-operator network to an asset-based bulk truckload carrier. For starters, Schneider assigned a team of 10 dedicated drivers. Each driver was trained and certified on customer-specific processes, including safety protocol and practices, loading-site procedures, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the chemical professionals they’d be working with. In addition, a team of Schneider driver business leaders and customer service representatives actively supported the drivers to ensure superior service.

As the premier liquid chemical bulk carrier for decades, Schneider was able to offer a higher load acceptance than the chemical company’s previous carriers. Operating with exclusive lane ownership of more than a dozen lanes – several of which were high volume with same-day delivery – Schneider was able to efficiently manage and deliver additional capacity when needed.

Results: more control, no surprises

The chemical company was able to unconstrain its business potential by taking advantage of Schneider’s expertise and dependable, unmatched bulk capacity. Results included:

  • Provided a team of highly trained dedicated drivers to ensure safe, worry-free transport of chemicals.
  • Relieved shipper’s daily pressure to move product in an efficient and safe manner
  • Attained 98 percent on-time delivery.
  • Delivered a seamless transition from an owner-operator-centric network to an asset-based, bulk truckload carrier.
  • Tackled high-volume loads with greater load acceptance than other carriers.
  • Offered around-the-clock support via a professional, dedicated customer service team
  • Kept pace with chemical company’s growth.
  • Contributed decades of liquid chemical bulk experience and expertise.

Because Schneider worked with the company to tackle capacity and transportation challenges up-front, there were no surprises when transitioning its distribution network to an asset-based carrier. Schneider continues to deliver on its promises of safety, unparalleled customer service and reliable capacity so that the company achieves any shipper’s ultimate transportation goal: gaining more control over the uncontrollable.

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Published December 2018

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