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Schneider dedicated grows refrigerated transportation for organic grocer

An organic grocery retailer with locations nationwide needed a shipper that could match its reach and volume. Schneider created a custom refrigerated transportation solution to keep food fresh and deadlines met, no matter the distance.


On-time delivery rate of 99% highlights 14-year relationship

Fresh. Natural. Nutritious. All of these qualities are synonymous with organic groceries. But behind shelves stocked with the highest-quality organic produce, meat and seafood is a network equipped to get it there — before the freshness fades.

Determined to offer an experience that could satisfy the standards of even the choosiest shoppers, a national organic grocery retailer sought to find a dedicated refrigerated transportation solution that could deliver on its promises — on time, every time.

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No time to waste: The essential role of just-in-time delivery of perishable foods

Time is of the essence when it comes to perishable freight shipping. Delays come at the cost of freshness or product, and that’s something the quality-conscious retailer simply won’t accept. Keenly aware that reputation is only as sturdy as the confidence it instills in its customers, the retailer knew it needed a dedicated refrigerated shipping provider that could offer just-in-time delivery to a network of locations from coast to coast.

The network locations posed another wrinkle: Distribution centers in Georgia, Texas and Arizona are responsible for replenishing these stores. This meant finding a dedicated refrigerated shipping provider that could mirror the retailer’s expansive reach was just as important for its bottom line as the food being shipped.

Long hauls, tight windows: Finding the right dedicated refrigerated freight provider

While its mission of meeting tight deadlines nationwide is not necessarily unique, the organic grocery retailer realized many of its needs were. It had an inbound freight volume that fluctuated seasonally. During these surges, there was no time to wait. The retailer needed a truck standing by as soon as products were ready to go.

Once the food was packed and the trucks were on the road, the real challenge set in. From distribution center to destination, the retailer needed assurance that its perishable freight would be delivered within a two-hour target window — no matter the distance.

With these needs top of mind, the answer became clear: Schneider Dedicated was the team equipped to get the job done.

Flexible freight: A tailor-made refrigerated transportation solution from Schneider dedicated

Armed with an established network and a reputation for meeting tight delivery windows, Schneider Dedicated analyzed the retailer’s unique situation.

Since there are so many long hauls in its footprint, the retailer was also looking for a more effective way to get trucks back from these treks. The size and reach of Schneider’s network gave them exactly that, finding back-haul opportunities to further drive an already-growing bottom line.

Schneider built a fleet of drivers continually running refrigerated freight in order to keep perishable products moving. When seasonal surges in volume did arise, Schneider adapted by leveraging its established relationships with third-party logistics services. This flexibility, as well as the reliability provided by Schneider Dedicated’s team configuration, allowed the retailer to keep refrigerated freight moving and deadlines met — no matter how far the haul.

Commitment to quality: Food transportation with confidence

Working with Schneider Dedicated gave the retailer confidence that its shipments of perishable food would be delivered on time — and without sacrificing the trademark quality of its products that customers love. With a Schneider Dedicated account, drivers use the same equipment every day and only work on the organic grocery retailer’s business. This way, they have knowledge of exactly what’s been in the trailers beforehand, and the retailer isn’t left wondering about potentially harmful contamination to its products. This gave the retailer peace of mind that the food it ships remains clean and safe.

This extra care and caution underscore Schneider’s commitment to Safety First and Always. While quick delivery is a Schneider hallmark, it doesn’t come at the expense of safe and smart driving. Moreover, Schneider uses trailers featuring the retailer’s logo, and team drivers don’t take this increased visibility lightly. Drivers know that it’s a privilege to act as a brand ambassador for the retailer, and it all starts with safety.

But the confidence in its refrigerated transport provider doesn’t stop there. In a world where wasted time means wasted food (and money), Schneider Dedicated goes the extra mile to promise results. If there’s any delay in shipment, Schneider guarantees coverage of this customer’s freight within two hours. Whatever it takes to keeps food moving, shelves stocked and customers smiling.

Dedicated refrigerated shipping service and satisfaction: Not just any food carrier

With Schneider as a driving force, the organic grocery retailer is able to rise to the challenge of shipping refrigerated freight to stores in every corner of the map. The results of this collaborative relationship speak for themselves:

  • The retailer and Schneider have worked and grown together for 14 years
  • The account has flourished to include 75 drivers, 54 tractors and 88 trailers
  • Schneider has achieved an on-time delivery rate of 99 percent

Shoppers at this organic grocery retailer’s stores are always able to select from the freshest items available, and the reliability of Schneider Dedicated has played a vital role in making this a reality. Working with Schneider Dedicated has also given the grocery retailer something it can’t measure: the certainty and security of having a team of drivers that feels like an extension of its own team.

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Published March 2019

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