Shipper Case Study

Flexible solution provides on-time, safe delivery of hazardous materials

Schneider provided the certified drivers and tractors to pull 100 loads per month with 97% on-time delivery.


Background: Oil collection service in need of additional capacity that meets its safety standards

As a collector, transporter and recycler of used solvent products and wastes, this oil collection service has the best compliance record in the industry and places the utmost importance on safety. The company operates its own fleet of trucks including tankers, vans and straight trucks to collect and remove used oil and oily water from car maintenance and oil change centers. The used oil is then delivered to the company’s facilities to be cleaned, recycled or resold.

Situation: Customer has difficulty finding qualified, safe drivers

The oil collection service was running into the same issue many carriers face: difficulty finding safe, service-focused professional drivers. What made hiring for its fleet even more difficult was managing different types of drivers for tanker, van and straight trucks while ensuring its drivers had the proper certifications to haul hazardous materials. To complicate matters further, drivers were crossing state lines, which meant the company also needed knowledge of the varying hazardous materials laws state-by-state and manage its drivers accordingly.

On-time delivery of the used oil is key to keeping its manufacturing facility on track, and the company couldn’t afford to let a lack of qualified drivers slow its business.

Schneider solution: Customized tractors and highly-trained, certified drivers at-the-ready

Since the oil service company already had its own tankers and vans, Schneider’s solution provided power-only equipment (tractors) operated by Schneider drivers. Schneider modified its Bulk service’s tractors to provide the capability to haul the company’s vans and tankers to allow for the greatest flexibility and utility. When a delivery is needed, whether it was to hook to a van or a tanker, the Schneider driver and power unit were ready to be dispatched.

With Schneider’s professional drivers behind the wheel, the company no longer needed to worry about hiring and managing certified drivers to cover all of its freight. Because Schneider has a North American footprint, it understands what certifications drivers and/or trailers need in each state and can ensure the correct qualified driver is dispatched. Schneider’s extensive training of drivers and culture of safety embedded into every decision the driver makes supports the oil service company’s goal of maintaining compliance and safety. The company also found additional value in Schneider’s technology and tracking capabilities to ensure on-time deliveries.

Results: Customer turns to Schneider to service multiple locations

After achieving on-time deliveries safely for one location, the oil service company has turned to Schneider to service eight additional facilities located throughout the United States. Schneider’s proven solution has provided:

  • 97% on-time delivery with continual customer tracking
  • Over 100 loads delivered per month
  • Safe, qualified professional drivers supported by technology

Knowing Schneider had the trained drivers and ability to customize equipment, the oil service company grew its business with Schneider Bulk.

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Published December 2018

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