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High-security staging and storage enables timed cell phone launch

A major cellular phone manufacturer needed 20 loads of phones, valued at $3-6 million each load, delivered quickly and securely for a new phone launch, it turned to Schneider for secure storage, staging and delivery


Background: Scheduled delay in shipping high-value electronics

A cellular phone manufacturer planned to launch a new line of phones with a major US cell phone carrier. The launch involved over $100 million in new devices, and a significant delay between required shipping and delivery times. 

20 loads valued at $3-6 million each had to be staged and ready for a quick delivery without compromising security.

Situation: High standard of freight security required

With a keen understanding of the value of their loads, the manufacturer maintains a strict set of rules for high-value freight carriers. They set the bar for cargo security much higher than FMCSA recommended procedures, and were especially sensitive to security with high-value loads sitting in one place for an extended period of time.

Schneider's solution: secure staging facility combined with stringent security measures

The cell phone loads were destined for a distribution point in Indiana, and would need to be stored in a secure facility close enough to deliver quickly when the time came. Schneider set up a temporary secure staging area at its nearby Indianapolis operations center to accommodate the 20 loads. The manufacturer sent representatives to tour and vet the facility prior to shipping.

Schneider’s high security protocols for the cell phones included:

  • All loads backed up to concrete barriers to prevent trailer doors from opening.
  • Extra security with gate checks at the Indianapolis facility.
  • Schneider contacts available on-site, 24/7.
  • The latest in truck and trailer lock devices.
  • Pictures sent to the manufacturer once per day to check on their loads.
  • 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Escort vehicle for final delivery.

Results: Total security and a quick delivery

When the time came, Schneider delivered all 20 loads into the cell phone carrier’s distribution centers in just 7 hours. 

This quick response enabled a smooth rollout to all distribution points, and a smooth launch for the new phone model.

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Published August 2017

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