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Omnichannel retailer needs last-minute warehouse and fulfillment

How Schneider guaranteed on-time delivery with a large-scale pick-and-pack operation.


Background: upgraded technology fails to function

An omnichannel retailer utilizes multiple distribution centers across the country to store products before they are sold during live television programming. The retailer installed a new automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) at its Tennessee distribution center, but the software wouldn’t be fully functional in time for an upcoming series of product launches, making order fulfillment impossible. It needed a new storage and shipping solution that guaranteed timely delivery of ordered items.

Situation: on-time holiday product delivery in jeopardy

Over the course of several weeks, the retailer was set to air seven different products in anticipation of the holiday season, with orders to be filled and sent from the Tennessee facility. After realizing that the ASRS wouldn’t be ready in time for the new product airings, the retailer knew it needed a new approach – and fast.

Because Schneider was already draying and transloading the retailer’s products from port to its distribution center in Tennessee, the retailer approached the transportation and logistics provider about a storage and shipment solution during this critical, high-volume. Schneider saw an opportunity to go above and beyond for a customer in their time of need, using multiple service offerings for a robust and efficient approach to the retailer’s dilemma.

Schneider's solution: a comprehensive warehouse and pick-and-pack operation

Immediately, the retailer corresponded with Schneider to put a plan in motion. Not only did

import freight begin flowing directly to Schneider’s Savannah facilities, but the retailer also moved products that had already been delivered to the Tennessee distribution center down to Savannah. Additionally, Schneider coordinated with a package delivery company to get trailers dropped for product shipping, managed the process of acquiring temporary equipment, including six box labelers to automate the taping and box labeling process, and constructed assembly lines, which would be used for fulfilling orders.

Once the products arrived at the warehouse, Schneider prepared for order fulfillment of seven unique products. To make matters even more interesting, many of the products were in master cases (comprised of 24 individual packages). Schneider had to unpack multiple cases, repack them per order specifications, label and tape the boxes, and then ship the newly assembled final products that consumers would receive.

Within one week of the request, Schneider was fully prepared to store vast amounts of product and implement a pick-and-pack operation during one of the busiest seasons of the year. In fact, on day one, Schneider was able to effectively process the 36,000 orders that needed to be shipped within 24 hours.

Results: reliable delivery during an uncertain time

Over the course of seven weeks, Schneider:

  • Coordinated a large-scale pick-and-pack operation with one week’s notice
  • Processed 385,000 units within seven product lines
  • Provided comprehensive daily status updates
  • Refined the process as products were launched
  • Integrated multiple transportation and logistics service offerings for a seamless, transparent solution

With the help of Schneider, the retailer may have been down, but it definitely was not out. It knew Schneider had the resources and capabilities to assume this massive and complex last-minute request. And Schneider delivered. Schneider gave the retailer the gift of time during the holiday season, so it could fully implement its ASRS without sacrificing its commitment to fast fulfillment for consumers.

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