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Schneider delivers unique solution to Canadian cross-border

Leveraging carrier relationships to deliver seamless cross-border service


Background: Manufacturer needed new Canadian cross-border solution

A global food manufacturer that ships freight several times a day from Dayton, Ohio to Toronto, Ontario was going to lose its carrier for the lane due to capacity issues. The manufacturer needed a solution that would work for its Canadian carrier while keeping transit time to a single day.

Situation: Tightening capacity in Canadian market makes original strategy obsolete

The manufacturer used a Canadian carrier to run the entire route on the Dayton to Toronto lane. After electronic logging device (ELD) mandate was implemented in December, what was traditionally a single-day transit for the carrier became a two-day transit, with time spent at the border crossing eating into the carrier’s hours of service. The increase in transit time made the manufacturer’s freight much less desirable to Canadian carriers, many of whom had started to favor intra-Canada freight because of the ELD mandate and cross-border transit time.

Solution: Schneider leverages carrier relationships to deliver seamless cross-border service

Schneider identified an opportunity to create a shuttle program for the manufacturer’s drop and hook freight. Using the Canadian carrier’s trailers already dropped in Ohio, Schneider utilized its vast network of carriers to leverage its relationship with a Detroit-based carrier to bring the freight from Ohio to Detroit as a power only load. Once the U.S. carrier reaches Detroit, the freight is dropped at a secure relay site; from there, a Canadian carrier picks up the freight and brings it to its destination in Toronto.

With capacity tightening, Schneider worked to increase the available driver pool by tapping into local drivers and changing its approach to delivering northbound cross-border freight into Canada.

ltl shipping Dayton to Toronto

Results: Schneider developed a shipping solution to maintain capacity in a tight market

The manufacturer’s drop and hook freight was an ideal candidate for this kind of shuttle solution. By opening up to a third-party carrier, Schneider tapped into its carrier network to provide a unique solution to meet the shipper’s transit time and capacity needs.

The transition from a single Canadian carrier to the relay route was seamless. Delivery did not skip a beat, and the manufacturer’s process did not have to change to accommodate the change in pick up carrier. Schneider maintained the company’s current cross-border capacity in a market that is becoming increasingly constrained.

Cross-border shipping is complex, and the current market and ELD enforcement have further complicated the process. With more than 25 years of experience in U.S. and Canada shipping and a large asset and non-asset network, Schneider is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end multimodal solutions that provide a seamless freight transfer process.

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Published June 2018

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