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Maximize Intermodal capacity with Schneider’s custom-spec’d equipment

Maximize Intermodal capacity with Schneider’s custom-spec’d equipmentEvery pound matters. Every inch matters. Fit more weight and width with Schneider’s asset-based containers, chassis and tractors.One cross-border shipper fit 13% more cubic capacity by pinwheeling pallets with Schneider vs. cubing out on the same load with another provider.Up to 2+ inches wider vs. leading competitorsSchneider’s company-owned containers have a 100.375 inch inside width (others 98 inches), allowing pinwheel pallets100.375”98”One shipper saved $728,000 annually by adding more to each load, reducing seven loads per week.Up to 10% increase in payload pounds vs. leading competitorsSchneider’s lightweight standardized company-owned chassis are 700 pounds lighter than the common pool chassis42,000 lbs.max payload46,000 lbs.max payloadCompany-owned containersCompany-owned chassisReduce your cost per pound, total truck moves and bottom-line expenses with November 2021 | Last Updated November 2021IM-IG-371-S-NOV2021