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Top 9 reefer trailer features that keep your freight fresh

Learn how the innovative features of a reefer truck benefit you when shipping refrigerated freight

Top 9 reefer trailer features that keep your freight fresh Shipping refrigerated freight comes with a unique set of challenges, but having the correct trailer is the linchpin to successfully moving cold freight. Different from standard van truckload trailers, reefer trailers require more setup to provide the optimal conditions that will maintain product freshness. Here are the features to look for on the reefer trailer hauling your freight. 1 A reefer unit is designed to maintain (not cool) product temps from anywhere between -20 to 75 degrees. Items need to be cold when placed in the trailer. Cooling system 2 A telematics system tracks, monitors and controls the temperature from anywhere. This minimizes temperature-related load rejections, reduces costly spoilage claims and prevents cargo theft. It also continuously monitors cargo area and alerts for deviations like temperature is out of range, unit is turned off, a door is opened outside of loading/unloading or rapid fuel loss. Telematics system 3 A standard trailer is 53' long x 102" wide x 13'6" high. The max payload with a sleeper is approximately 44,500 pounds. Schneider focuses on the integrity of our trailers to ensure proper seals and insulation, temperature retainment, safer products and the latest technology. Standard trailer 4 This channel/ducting provides uniform temperatures throughout the trailer, eliminates hot spots and protects freight. Air chute 5 A standard unit is single temperature. Multi-temp configuration is available and divides unit into separate temperature-controlled compartments using bulkheads. Multi-temp configuration 6 High-density insulation retains temperature and humidity. Insulated side walls 7 Swing, roll-up or side options are available. Units shouldn’t run while the doors are open or while the trailer is being loaded. Door options If managing the challenges of refrigerated shipping is spoiling your day, learn how Schneider Dedicated can positively impact your supply chain. Talk to an expert The entire floor must be covered with cargo to support even air flow around all cargo and to prevent spoilage. Stacking product too close to the unit or too tightly together can block air flow and lead to uneven temperatures. Proper trailer loading This standard flooring is used to protect cargo. It protects freight from hot spots, increases driver safety and reduces cargo movement. Duct flooring 8 9 schneider.comContact us at Solutions@schneider.comPublished August 2021 | Last Updated August 2021DED-IG-359-H-AUG2021