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Organizations that are shipping across the U.S.-Mexico border are taking notice that constant evolutions such as shifting demand cycles, changing economic conditions and rising inflation are requiring changes to their supply chain strategy.

These market challenges have led many shippers to consider adding a nearshoring solution to their supply chains.

During the following events, Schneider will bring cross-border shippers together to dig into their nearshoring supply chain challenges and solutions to optimize their supply chain.

The Mexico northbound/southbound gap increases 6% year over year

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Mexico, known as INEGI, has now released all of the import/export values for 2022.

The full year 2022 gap reached 44.6%, up from 38.9% for 2021. The gap in Q4 2022 reached 47.5%.

  • Exports increased 21.3% year over year
  • Imports increased 16.6% year over year

2022 also went down in the books as one of Mexico's best years in terms of capturing Direct Foreign Investments (FDI). FDI, which totaled $35.3B, grew 12% versus 2021. The manufacturing sector captured 36% of the total investments followed by the transportation sector with 15%.

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Nearshoring boosts appliance manufacturing in Mexico

According to Forbes Mexico, industrial regions in Mexico are becoming much more important manufacturing hubs for household appliances. This is due to nearshoring and the United States Mexico and Canada (USMCA) Agreement.
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Mexican nearshoring opportunities seen spurring energy needs

Natural gas is the base of the nation’s electric power system, but the country faces challenges with transmission and distribution.
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44 factories and distribution centers move out of Asia to Mexico

Nearshoring allows investors from China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea to transfer their factories and production processes to closer locations that result in lower costs.
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Transportation Market Update

March 17, 2023: Mark Rourke on Inside the ICE House Podcast, Erin Van Zeeland named annual Top Women to Watch in Transportation, Upcoming Schneider events, women’s history month, international road checks, and industry and Schneider news!

About the Mexico transportation market update

Schneider publishes this regular transportation market update to keep you informed of freight market conditions, supply and demand influencers, and disruptions that may impact your supply chain. 

This report is developed by leveraging data and analytics from multiple transportation industry resources.

This report focuses on the Mexico Transportation Market. View the full Transportation Market Update here.

Weather advisory page -- For the latest information on hurricane season and the impacts on supply chains, please see our weather-advisory page.

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