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New trucking coalition focuses on clean energy


The Coalition says that successful transition to electric and hydrogen trucks requires clear national standards

A broad-based group representing motor carriers, truck manufacturers and truck dealers has launched a coalition intended to serve as a collective voice for key trucking industry stakeholders. The group, known as the Clean Freight Coalition, will promote the interests of carriers, manufacturers, and dealers while working with the government towards meeting zero emissions standards.

Members of the Clean Freight Coalition include American Trucking Associations, American Truck Dealers, National Tank Truck Carriers, Truckload Carriers Association and Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association, according to a recent announcement. 

The Coalition says that successful transition to electric and hydrogen trucks requires clear national standards that are technology neutral, empower innovation, and enable industry to plan and invest. 

  • Educate policymakers on the progress the trucking industry has made in reducing emissions and protecting the environment.
  • Promote the work underway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation.
  • Advocate for sound public policies that transition toward a zero-emission future in a manner that ensures affordable and reliable freight transportation and protects the nation’s supply chain.

According to statements from Coalition members, the group will advocate for policies concerning the timeline for implementing new technologies, financial backing from state and federal leaders for building new infrastructures, plans from policymakers for a smooth transition to new platforms, and carrier involvement in testing new approaches.

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