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Shippers require new cross-border strategies

Many shippers are looking for opportunities to shorten their supply chain timelines, which is often done through nearshoring.


The challenges with international shipping are pushing manufacturers to develop new strategies

For the past few years, shippers have felt more challenges on their supply chains. It has become increasingly difficult for manufacturers to secure the parts they need for products. Therefore, making it difficult for shippers to get their products to their destination, especially when shipping overseas.

Many shippers are looking for opportunities to shorten their supply chain timelines, which is often done through nearshoring. Schneider recently held an event for shippers in Mexico City where more than 50% of them noted that their North America international shipment volumes increased from Q1-Q2 in 2022. 70% of them said they expect them to continue to do so over the next 18 months. Shippers need to be very intentional with their nearshoring transportation strategy.

Cross-border shippers will need to develop a long-term strategy with experienced carriers to solve their capacity challenges. This is a good time for shippers to look into where it makes sense to have a nearshoring location or warehouse based on network and locations.

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Learn more from the webinar: The Cross-Border Capacity Evolution

Want to learn more about nearshoring and what you can do to begin to solve for your cross-border challenges? View the on-demand webinar series: The Cross-Border Capacity Evolution.

Organizations that are shipping beyond U.S. borders are taking notice that these constant evolutions require revolutionary changes to their transportation strategy. During this webinar series, Schneider is helping shippers revolutionize the way they approach their nearshoring transportation strategy.

In this on-demand event, a group of Schneider and industry experts talk about:

  • Developing an Ally-Shoring Strategy Between the U.S. and Mexico, Enrique Perret, the U.S.-Mexico Foundation
  • Nearshoring: What Does it Mean to Your Logistics Strategy, Bernardo Rodarte and Jessica Valdez, Schneider
  • The Value of Incorporating Intermodal into your Cross-Border Strategy, a Panel from Schneider, Union Pacific Railroad and Kansas City Southern Railroad.
  • Developing a Deep-Dive Plan to Successfully Implement a Nearshoring Strategy, Dan Flaherty, Schneider

If you are a U.S.-Mexico cross-border shipper, or your organization has been discussing a nearshoring evolution to your strategy, this is a must-attend webinar series.

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