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WIT: Women in driver, technician roles still low, but their numbers gain elsewhere

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Women still make up low percentages in two high-profile roles in trucking and transportation – drivers and technicians, but are making progress in other key departments at commercial fleets and related organizations such as dispatch, safety, HR, and C-suite and boards of directors, according to brand-new data from the Women In Trucking Association 2023 Index.

Women now make up a majority of the HR and talent management workforce in trucking and transportation, according to the WIT survey, averaging 74.6%

As far as company leaders in the transportation industry, the 2023 WIT index defines “company leaders” as people with supervisory responsibilities and also includes C-suite executives. Respondents reported 36.9% of company leaders with supervisory responsibilities are women. 

“It was not always easy being a woman in a male-dominated industry—in fact it was quite difficult. It is great to see more women in all areas of trucking, from drivers, to mechanics, to office staff, and management. Times have changed and there is more acceptance all around for these roles to be filled by women. We need to continue to remove barriers in all areas to encourage a diverse representation of all areas of diversity, said WIT President and CEO Jennifer Hedrick. 

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