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Optimize the request for proposal process: BidSmart® with Supply Chain Management experts

Compiling an RFP can be a complex and time-consuming task. Using a transportation solution system and a designated team that supports transportation sourcing and network optimization is proven to yield positive results. Here’s how BidSmart, Schneider’s comprehensive RFP tool, can help find the best carrier for your business.


Simplifying the RFP process

A request for proposal (RFP) is an important and sometimes complex component of securing the right carriers to move freight. To select the right transportation providers for the job, shippers must use extremely thorough and detailed RFPs. Doing so will ensure that the data captured will provide the information needed to make smart decisions.

A shipper who is ready to put freight out to bid has two main options: it can create its own version of an RFP or it can use a third-party provider that generates the bid through a web-based procurement tool.

Both techniques can and do produce successful results. It’s important to note, though, that shippers choosing to develop an RFP in-house often find that this process requires a substantial investment of time and resources – two valuable assets that can otherwise be spent on the core competencies of the shipper’s business. By outsourcing the RFP process to experts, shippers can achieve solid results while remaining focused on their operation.

Software as a service

Trusting a third party to conduct work that influences a shipper’s business can be an intimidating prospect. When assessing potential vendors to implement the RFP process, shippers need to keep a few key points in mind. Many web-based tools are available for creating bids across a variety of industries, but most are more technical in nature and lack the ability to provide the information and nuances specific to transportation. For the bid to be as accurate as possible, shippers will want a comprehensive offering that can quantify different scenarios, which ultimately helps shippers make better choices regarding who will move the freight.

BidSmart® makes business sense

One transportation solution system that meets these criteria is BidSmart®. Schneider specifically designed and configured BidSmart® to support transportation sourcing and network optimization.

When a shipper uses BidSmart®, it gets a comprehensive and tailored RFP that aligns with its unique set of business needs, while decreasing the amount of time spent analyzing bids in order to arrive at a sound business decision. Schneider brings unparalleled transportation expertise, which can’t be replicated through simple web-based procurement tools. From start to finish, shippers who use BidSmart® see the use of superior technology, processes and project management teams to target the right carriers and modes to yield results that are best for the business.

Ease of service = peace of mind

BidSmart® comes standard with the assistance of Schneider’s Carrier Analytics and Procurement team and is a seamless process that’s proven to yield positive results. Shippers who manage the RFP process through Schneider get first-rate service through the entire experience, which includes the following steps:

Kick-off meeting Bid meeting Carrier selection
  • The shipper and its dedicated Schneider bid team discuss key objectives of the bid in order to shape the RFP correctly.
  • The scope must be addressed, including but not limited to key or relevant data to inform the bid, type of freight, geography, transit mode, number of carriers to invite and number of bid rounds.
  • The Schneider bid team collects the data discussed during the kickoff.
  • After all details have been determined, the data is assembled into a formal RFP.
  • Data can be entered directly into BidSmart® or into an Excel document and then uploaded into the system.
  • The shipper and its dedicated Schneider bid team discuss key objectives of the bid in order to shape the RFP correctly.
  • Schneider’s bid team fields any questions potential carriers may have and ensures accurate reporting.
  • Collected responses are analyzed by the Schneider bid team, and a detailed report and recommendation are provided to the shipper.
  • The report dictates the top contenders for the business, on the basis of the objectives discussed at the onset of the RFP process.
  • If it’s a two-round bid, the RFP is further refined, on the basis of the initial information received, and then sent out again.
  • The chosen carrier(s) are contracted and rates exhibited.
  • The bid team can manage this step, or it can be done by the shipper.

With the heavy lifting done by the Schneider BidSmart® team, the shipper can now see the work come to fruition. The right team of experts in place means that the rubber can now meet the road, ensuring smooth and timely freight delivery at the best possible value. In total, shippers can expect an average savings of six percent.

More time for business

When it comes to creating an RFP, shippers have two options: They can do the work, or they can get back to work. Schneider’s teams have the experience and industry expertise to navigate complex transportation bids, allowing shippers to spend more time focusing on their business and less time analyzing who will be the right fit. When it comes to the best in the business working on a shipper’s behalf, BidSmart® is the smart choice.

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Published July 2017