Brokerage Terms and Conditions (Quote)

By submitting a request for a quote, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. That any FreightPower quote will be based on the information you have provided and will assume legal weight and dimensions unless otherwise specified.
  2. All rate quotes, once provided to you, are good for four (4) hours. All rates, once accepted by you, are good only for the date(s) of the shipments you specified when seeking a quote.
  3. Capacity is not guaranteed; we work with outside carriers to source and provide capacity.
  4. All rate quotes assume live load/unload unless otherwise specified and quotes include two (2) hours of load and unload time at no additional charge.
  5. LTL pickup/delivery dates cannot be guaranteed; transit times are estimated and do not include the day of pickup or weekends.

This transaction is subject to and governed by the written agreement between you and Schneider Transportation Management, a division of Schneider National Carriers, Inc. (“Schneider”) -- in the absence of an agreement between you and Schneider, the transaction will be subject to and governed by the STM Terms and Conditions located here.

    Schneider Transportation Management, a division of Schneider, operates solely as a broker and shall not be held liable for any cargo claims or injuries to persons (including death) or property related to the movement of freight.