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Freight shipping and transportation to and from Canada

Expert commercial shipping over the U.S./Canada border

Shipping across the U.S./Canada border is complicated and requires expertise from an industry-leading cross-border transportation company like Schneider, with 30+ years of experience and 50,000+ third-party carrier relationships.

Advantages of relying of Schneider for your Canada cross-border needs:

  • Work with one point of contact.
  • 30+ years of cross-border shipping experience.
  • 50,000+ third-party carrier relationships
  • Work with C-TPAT certified carrier.
  • Multilayered security approach.
  • Mobile tracking abilities.
  • Service across North America.
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Expert multimodal options to move your cross-border freight

Schneider associates across North America work together as one team to deliver seamless cross-border solutions for our shippers. We know all the ins and outs of moving your freight across the border quickly, securely and cost-efficiently.

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Schneider's services available in Canada



Connect to thousands of qualified carriers.
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Canada/U.S. cross-border shipping case studies

What we've done for others, we can do for you

ShipperCase study

Schneider meets critical delivery window with a dedicated cross-border solution

How Schneider’s Dedicated Cross-Border solution helped save an automotive supplier millions by flexing to meet capacity needs and consistently delivering on time, as promised.
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ShipperCase study

Schneider delivers unique solution to Canadian cross-border capacity crunch

A global food manufacturer that ships freight several times a day from Dayton, Ohio to Toronto, Ontario was going to lose its carrier for the lane due to capacity issues.
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Let's work together to optimize your supply chain and to get your freight safely and securely to its destination.

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