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Reliable, expert Mexico/United States cross-border freight shipping

Shipping across the United States/Mexico border is complicated and requires expertise from an industry-leading cross-border freight company like Schneider, with decades of experience in Intermodal and Truckload cross-border shipping service.

Advantages of relying of Schneider for your Mexico cross-border needs:

  • In-country facilities, sales, support and operational experts.
  • Proactive pre-clearance to keep freight moving at the border with Intermodal.
  • Layered security approach (99.9999% theft-free loads).
  • C-TPAT certified carrier relationships.
  • Reach across all of North America.
  • Work with one point of contact.
  • Multimodal capacity options.
  • Mobile tracking abilities.
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Mexico cross-border shipping experts

Schneider associates in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. work together as one team to deliver seamless cross-border shipping solutions for our customers. 

In Mexico, we exclusively use C-TPAT certified carriers to provide confidence that your freight is in safe hands. As an asset-based provider with multimodal capacity options — truckload and intermodal shipping services — we know all the ins and outs of moving your freight across the border quickly, securely and cost-efficiently.

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Secure, expert truckload shipping across the Mexico/United States border

Shipping truckload freight into and out of Mexico can be complicated and risky, with freight changing hands multiple times during the border crossing process. Schneider simplifies the process by handling all aspects of the border crossing. We exclusively use C-TPAT certified carriers to expedite the process and improve security. And our real-time visibility gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your load is at all times.  

How does the northbound and southbound truckload shipping process crossing the Mexico/United States border work? Watch these videos to learn more.

Northbound truckload freight shipping from Mexico to the United States video image
Shipper Video

Northbound cross-border truckload shipping made easy with Schneider

How does the northbound truckload shipping process from Mexico to the United States work? Watch this video to learn more.
Southbound truckload freight shipping from the United States to Mexico, a process video
Shipper Video

Shipping truckload freight southbound from United States to Mexico

Shipping truckload freight southbound from the United States to Mexico? Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Using a dedicated transportation solution

Private fleet service without the hassles

There is a large supply/demand capacity gap at the U.S. and Mexico border. Many shippers find it difficult to obtain the capacity they need for their southbound freight to Mexico. One way shippers can add resiliency to their cross-border shipping strategy is to utilize a dedicated solution. 

Dedicated freight service is like having a private fleet without all the hassles. With engineering expertise, we can build and maintain a fleet tailored to your unique needs, including specific equipment and freight handling requirements. We also assume responsibilities like liability and risk, equipment investments plus driver hiring and training — so you can focus on running your business.

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Our expert intermodal rail shipping keeps your freight moving at the Mexico border

There's no stopping or transloading at the border with Schneider Intermodal. We keep your freight moving securely (100% theft-free) by providing border pre-clearance, shipping in our double-stacked containers plus transporting your freight in Mexico with C-TPAT certified carriers.

How does the northbound and southbound intermodal/rail shipping process crossing the Mexico/United States border work? Watch these videos to learn more.

Northbound freight from Mexico to the United states cover image
Shipper Video

Intermodal rail shipping keeps your northbound freight moving at the Mexico border

What's the process of northbound intermodal/rail freight being shipped from Mexico to the United States? Watch this video to learn more.
Southbound freight from United States into Mexico video image
Shipper Video

Rail shipping keeps your southbound freight moving at the Mexico border

How does the southbound intermodal/rail shipping process from the United States to Mexico work? Watch this video to learn more.

Local expertise and service, backed by an exceptional North American railroad network

Schneider's local team in Mexico has 25+ years of experience in transportation throughout Mexico and crossing the borders throughout North America. We take care of all of the details so you don't need to.

Mexico cross-border railroad partnerships

Schneider services all of North America with more than 45 ramp locations.

BNSF railway
CN Canadian National Railway logo
CSX railroad logo
Ferromex logo
florida east coast railways
Kansas City Southern Lines
Norfolk Southern logo
Union Pacific logo

Schneider's cross-border intermodal rail network map

North American Schneider Intermodal Service Map

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