Schneider FreightPower® brings efficiency to the shipping process for Orbit Irrigation Products.

“Schneider FreightPower® is easy to use, always available, and saves me time. I love that I do not have to go to several sites to get freight quotes and re-enter information over and over again. My Schneider associate is also there if I have questions or need support. Schneider FreightPower is truly a one-stop-shop for my shipping needs.”

- Terri Keyes, Sales Support, Orbit Irrigation Products

Customer Success Story: SanMar and Schneider

As SanMar grew its wholesale apparel distribution business, it needed a carrier partner that could grow with it. What started small in Intermodal has grown into multimodal service that now includes more with Intermodal and expansion into Van Truckload and Brokerage.

Lotioncrafter has found increased visibility during the shipping process with Schneider FreightPower.

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“FreightPower has brought a level of clarity that wasn’t there before when booking drum pickups from one side of the country to the other. This tool is robust, user-friendly and has helped remove some of the mystery during the booking process. There is just something so rewarding about being able to take the booking process into my own hands. Lotioncrafter is a happy customer!”

- Ian Welch, Co-Owner/Purchasing Director, Lotioncrafter LLC

Recognition of our excellence

Whether for being a great service provider or for our initiatives, we're thankful to be recognized by these corporations and organizations.

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Customer Success Story: SNF Holding Company and Schneider

SNF Holding Company has revolutionized the business of shipping liquid chemicals with Bulk Express Intermodal services.

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