Safe, secure and seamless shipping from U.S. to Mexico and Canada

Your freight clears customs without breaking stride.

Look to Schneider for the freight capacity and expertise that keeps your cargo traveling smoothly throughout North America.

Our decades of cross-border freight experience means your cargo moves without question or delay. Once across the border, we have both the assets and personnel in place to deliver it safely and securely.

Here’s the simple fact: No one makes shipping to Canada and Mexico easier or more efficient than Schneider. By road or by rail, your freight is in the best hands possible.

To see how we can help you with your cross-border freight, let's sit down and talk. Just call 920-592-4006 or ask to request a rate. We'll take it from there.

Shipping and Logistics in Canada

You're good to go anywhere and everywhere.

Schneider has had a substantial brick-and-mortar presence in Canada for more than 25 years, and we're still growing to meet our customers' ever-changing needs. In fact, our capacity and experience helps cut an entire day of shipment transit time, which helps keep your supply chain humming along. That's a difference our customers notice and appreciate.

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Shipping and Logistics in Mexico

Your freight moves just as it should.

With Schneider, your freight benefits from nearly a quarter century of on-the-ground expertise. Since 1992, our offices in Mexico have provided a single, connected team to prevent snags and promptly resolve any issues that arise. With a strong Schneider presence in Mexico, your freight has a powerful ally along every step of its journey.

We work with a select group of prequalified providers to give you outstanding capacity, greater control and lower risk. Our fleet tracking system follows each load and provides real-time visibility. This means you can see your freight is in good hands and moving along as promised.

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Tune in to the latest American Shipper webinar to learn what it takes to become a shipper of choice and secure the reliable capacity your business demands.

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Door-to-door, asset-based service keeps your freight moving securely to its destination across the border. Most other carriers have to transload freight at the border – stopping your freight and eliminating security. Schneider Intermodal keeps your freight moving securely by providing border pre-clearance, shipping your freight in our owned containers and moving your freight in Mexico with C-TPAT certified carriers.

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Shipping truckload freight into and out of Mexico can be complicated and risky, with freight changing hands multiple times during the border crossing process. Schneider simplifies the process by handling all aspects of the border crossing. We use exclusively C-TPAT certified carriers to expedite the process and improve security. And our real-time visibility gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing where your load is at all times.

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Van Truckload

While your mind's on freight, consider this.

As a premier transportation and logistics provider, Schneider offers tailored Dry Van Truckload solutions, truck-like Intermodal, Bulk and Dedicated solutions with 19 equipment configurations that keep your freight safe, secure and on time.

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